Frontier Airlines

Tidbits for travelers: crumbling cookies & carry-on charges

Frontier Airlines, which adopted Midwest Airline’s sweet-smelling tradition of serving complimentary warm chocolate chip cookies to all passengers, has decided to nix that amenity at the end of April. The reason: “offering a free perishable snack did not align with our low-cost business model,” said an airline spokesperson.

What will be served instead? Elite frequent fliers – and anyone who has paid a fare above economy class – will get complimentary packaged goldfish crackers or animal crackers. Hungry economy class passengers can snack on those items as well – if they’re willing to pay $1 a package.

Another change in the pipeline: Allegiant Air – which already charges a per-segment website booking fee and adds charges for seat assignments, beverages, priority boarding, and other services – plans to begin charging $35 for each carry-on bag as of Wednesday. The new fee hadn’t been added to this long list of fees as of early Tuesday morning, but airline spokespeople have confirmed the new fee to various news outlets.

Frontier Airlines seeking new spokesanimal

Frontier Airlines, which has pictures of critters on more than 60 of its airplanes, is adding one more.

Eighteen animals – including Doris the Chicken, Melvin the Turtle and Doug the Dung Beetle – are in the running and the winner will the animal (or insect) that receives the most votes.

“Auditions” are on now through April 7 at Voting on the three finalists will take place April 9-15.  The winner will be announced at the end of April.

Voting is fun, but also rewarding:

Anyone who votes for their favorite ‘spokesanimal’ will receive an email with a discount offer on future Frontier travel and be entered to win up to $2,500 in Frontier Fly Bucks. On its Facebook page, the airline is also giving away prizes that include the new iPad, Kindle Fire and (more) Frontier Fly Bucks.

The ballot includes:

Doris the Chicken
Vladimir the Bat
Tina the Grebe
Doug the Dung Beetle
Enrique the Tree Frog
Polly the Parrot
Paula the Pig
Ralph the Ram
Alivina the Owl
Samson the Sloth
Melvin the Turtle
Chloe the Chipmunk
Cammie the Cow
Joanne the Giraffe
Fred the Walrus
Duke the Arctic Dog
Will & Hill the Prairie Dogs
Mario the Lizard