(More) Holiday Decor at an Airport Near You

A lot of people are going to be spending a lot of time in airports in the coming weeks. And while there may be long lines and lots of delays,

TSA’s explosive detection dogs in a calendar

Need a gift for the dog lover on your list? The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) annual calendar might fit the bill. The 2023 calendar honors the agency’s more than 1,000

TPA’s Flamingo Needs a Name

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is hosting a contest to pick a name for the impossible-to-miss, 21-foot flamingo that now lives in the airport’s main terminal. The artwork is by artist

Louisville Muhammad Ali Int’l Airport turns 75

Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF) is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a special banner exhibit, “SDF Through the Years,” in the Jerry E. Abramson Terminal. The 13-banner exhibit features

Airports Ready for the Holiday Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over, airports and airlines set their sights on the next phase of the holiday travel season. And that means the holiday decorations at airports are out

Happy Thanksgiving. Safe Travels

Here are some Thanksgiving items we spotted at airports this week. If you’re on the road or in the air, please travel safely. Reno-Tahoe Airport’s Gratitude Wall is Back LaGuardia

More Holiday Deals for Travelers

It seems like every single hotel, cruise line, and travel company has sent us a notice about their Cyber Deals this season. The options are dizzying, but there are real

Free ice skating is back at DEN Airport

Now here’s a great, free airport amenity: The Denver International Airport (DEN) ice skating rink is back for its fifth season. The rink took a two-year pandemic pause. But it’s

Holiday Travel Heats Up, But Service Cuts Continue

(This is a story we wrote for NBC News) Airlines service cuts that ramped up this summer show no sign of relenting this holiday season, leaving more travelers likely to

Aviation History exhibit at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

November is Aviation History Month. And that means it’s a good time to look at aviation history displays at airports around the country. First stop: Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Travel Tidbits from Airports Near You

Airlines Fined for Not Giving Refunds on Time On Monday, the Transportation Department fined a half-dozen airlines more than $7 million for failing to provide timely refunds to customers. The

More holiday deals for travelers

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, & Travel Tuesday deals for travelers Last week, the Stuck at the Airport deals desk shared some of the more interesting and generous travel deals landing

ATL to Wakanda + MKE Coat Check + PDX Carpet

Need to fly to Wakanda? “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever,” the sequel to the super successful “Black Panther” movie, landed in movie theaters over the weekend. And Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Travel deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Travel Tuesday

Toys, clothes, electronic gear, gadgets. It will all be ‘on sale’ during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But what if you want a deal on travel? They’ll have that too.

TSA finds a gun hidden in a chicken at a Florida Airport

Let’s give credit to the TSA officers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) who cracked the case of the passenger whose carry-on luggage contained a raw chicken with a gun

Airports not giving up on Twitter just yet

Hundreds of airports around the world use Twitter as one of their tools to share news and updates with the public. The social media site is in flux (to say

XpresSpa company adds another brand: Treat

The company that offers airport passengers XpresSpa, now with massage and manicure service in 26 locations in 13 airports globally, and ExpresCheck for airport COVID testing, is rolling out a

Travel Tidbits From An Airport Near You

TSA May Still Make You Wear A Mask The Supreme Court on Monday let stand a ruling that allows the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to require mask-wearing on planes, trains, and

Voodoo Doughnuts Lands at Denver Int’l Airport

Doughnut fans rejoice! Good things do come in pink boxes at an airport. If you’re a fan of Portland-based Voodoo Doughnuts, you know what’s up when you spot people flying

Flying on Halloween?

Last week we began noticing how airports around the country were getting ready for Halloween. The fun just keeps on going. Let us know what we’ve missed.

Kraken fan? (Or have the t-shirt?) Wear it and get priority boarding on Alaska Airlines

Folks in Seattle are pretty darn excited that there’s now a professional hockey team in town. And so is Alaska Airlines, the hometown airline that’s also the official airline of

Way slower than flying

The Stuck at the Airport cruise review team has been on assignment on a ship for the past two weeks making our first transatlantic voyage from Rotterdam, The Netherlands to

Airports getting ready to celebrate Halloween

We’re noticing that airports around the country are really getting into the Halloween spirit, with decorations and fun tweets. We’re especially pleased to see that Red Skeleton is back working

Museum Monday: PHL celebrates The Sound of Philadelphia

PHL exhibit honors Philadelphia International Records (PIR) An exhibit celebrating and highlighting the 50th anniversary of Philadelphia International Records (PIR), a record label dubbed “The Sound of Philadelphia,” is now

SFO Airport Celebrates Dia de los Muertos

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is sharing how the city’s Mission District is marking the Dia de los Muertos holiday. Passengers will be treated to live music, dance, and cultural performances

Tampa Int’l Airport takes the throne for Best Restroom

Congratulations to Tampa International Airport (TPA), which takes the throne as the Winner of the 2022 America’s Best Restroom Contest.  The Airport’s sleek, modern, and newly renovated Airside C restrooms

Non-travelers can visit Ontario Int’l Airport (ONT)

California’s Ontario International Airport (ONT) knows there are plenty of reasons people want to go to the airport even if they’re not flying. That’s why ONT is joining other airports

Airline playing cards on National Playing Card Collection Day

October 17 is National Playing Card Collection Day and we know that many travelers have fond memories of the free decks of playing cards some airlines would hand out to

Travel News from Airports Near You

Airports around the country are staying busy this week with everything from the introduction of a new digital concierge at DFW to celebrity sightings, Hispanic Heritage Month and Fossil Day

8,000 lost items up for auction at PIT Airport

Items left behind at Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) make their way to the lost and found, where they are held onto for 30 days. And if no one claims the

Airport Garden Helps Feed its Community

Here’s a great story that wonderfully illustrates and reminds us that airports aren’t just places to fly in and out from. Each airport also plays many roles in the local

KLM’s newest Delftware miniature house

If you’re a fan of airline collectibles, you may already have a handful – or perhaps dozens – of the gin-filled miniature Delftware houses KLM Royal Dutch Airlines gifts to

Travel Tidbits

Better rest times for flight attendants On Tuesday, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration finalized rules requiring airlines to give airline flight attendants at least 10 hours of rest time between

Flying this week? Look for this airport art

Cool Clay exhibit at Denver International Airport We’re not sure how we missed the announcement of this cool exhibit at Denver International Airport (DEN). But if you’re passing through DEN

Hurricane Ian Still Tormenting Travel

Hurricane Ian was downgraded to a Category 1 hurricane late Wednesday evening, but that doesn’t mean the travel woes that wild weather brings are ended. Early Thursday morning, FlightAware listed

Two Things for Travelers

Hawaiian Airlines hosts a ‘window activation’ in Austin Hawaiian Airlines operates thrice-weekly flights between Austin and Honolulu and to promote the service the airline is hosting a contest with a

Airlines & Airports Brace for Hurricane Ian

Updated Tuesday, September 27, 2022 Hurricane Ian is causing airports to close and airlines to cancel flights and offer passengers travel waivers. Orlando International Airport (MCO) plans to stop commercial

Greetings from: the Great Prosser Balloon Rally

The largest hot air balloon festival in the world – the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – will take place October 1-9. But one of the most charming hot air balloon

How satisfied are passengers with airports right now?

Flown anywhere lately? After being grounded by the pandemic, most folks are pretty darn excited to go to the airport to fly to just about anywhere. But once at the

Miniature Golf Day – at the Airport

Back in 2012, Air New Zealand had a week-long in-flight putting competition to promote the fact that the airline was hosting a Pro- Am tournament. Back in the day, Palm

An Orchestra Will Take Over This Aviation Museum

 We’re not sure how this will work. Or why it is happening. But we’re sure it will be great. On September 21, from 3 pm to 5 pm, the University

Some airports ease travel. Others make it harder

Now you can reserve a checkpoint slot at Miami Int’l Airport One of the newest, and most welcome airport amenities are free programs that allow passengers to schedule the time

Free admission on Museum Day and other days

[This is a story we wrote for NBC News] As inflation leads households to tighten their entertainment and travel budgets, many are forgoing trips to museums and cultural institutions, where

Fresh art at Albany Int’l Airport

New York’s Albany International Airport (ALB) is getting ready to debut a new exhibition. The sculptures and prints in the Lumen exhibition are by Shaina Gates, Heather Hutchison, and Ben

How to get tickets to Smithsonian’ Renovated Air & Space Museum

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Wahington, D.C. has been undergoing a seven-year renovation that includes the redesign of all 23 exhibitions and presentation spaces. The big reveal is around the corner.

Airports, airlines, and the world remember 9/11

We thought we would gather up all the 9/11 anniversary remembrance tweets from airlines, airports, aviation agencies, organizations, and unions, but we’re sure we missed a lot. Let us know

Airports, airlines mourn the passing of Her Majesty the Queen

Gathering up videos and tweets of airports and airlines remembering encounters with Queen Elizabeth II, who died September 8, 2022, at age 96. Let us know what we’ve missed. And,

Orlando Int’l Airport’s new Terminal C

Orlando International Airport (MCO) will officially open its new 15-gate, $2.8 billion Terminal 3 later this month. The first flights are set to take off beginning on September 20. The

Checkpoint reservations go global

Long – sometimes very long – checkpoint security lines are back at airports in the United States and around the world. That’s why the StuckatTheAirport.com convenience reporter is a big

$3 movies are great. But films are free at these airports

Saturday, September 3 has been declared National Cinema Day. And movie theaters around the country are celebrating by selling $3 tickets for all movies, all formats, all day. Moviegoers will