Airports, airlines and Amtrak get creative on April Fools’ Day

Once again, airports, airlines and other parts of the aviation industry did a great job of marking April Fools’ Day.

Here are some of the campaigns and (fake) announcements we’ve found – so far. Let us know what we missed and we’ll add it to the list.

DFW Airport documents a sticky note prank that got out of hand

Reno-Tahoe Int’l Airport introduces Travel Tubes

Denver Int’l Airport introduces driveway to runway service

Tampa Int’l Airport’s flamingo flies away. And returns

The “real” reason the stone color on the Washington Monument changes

Norfolk Int’l Airport introduces a Sky Lift

Salt Lake City International makes its tunnel more fun

Cork Airport gets a rebrand

JetBlue adds Nathan’s Frank to the snack carts

Atlant’s Airport adds new attractions

Icelandair introduces inflight matchmaking service

In a throwback to in-flight matchmaking services that didn’t, uh, fly, and with a nod to the real-life story of a couple who met and later married after meeting on an Icelandair flight, on April 1 the airline introduced a faux in-flight dating app called “Icelandair Up to Date,”

Emirates offers a high-rise with an airport

Heathrow Airport introduces Heathrow Airlines

Finnair’s strawberry juice with berries picked on Mars. As requested by Santa Claus

Wizz Air introduces… Rizz Air

Amtrak adds an emotional baggage car

Travel Tidbits from Airports Near You

Lots of fun – and important – events taking place at airports this week.

Airports have been celebrating Valentine’s Day all week.

Flight attendants picketed at airports across the country on Tuesday and Alaska Airlines flight attendants voted to authorize a strike.

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) figured out what to do with the basketball court that appeared in the Civic Plaza.

And Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is now home to the largest American Express Centurion Lounge.

Love your airport? It loves you too.

Like you, airports around the country are getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

And a couple of our favorite airports have already shared a bit about what they have planned for their favorite passengers.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) customer service staff will be handing out airport-themed Valentines and branded chocolate kisses at the airport information booths and in the Central Terminal. Look for a photo booth and keep an ear out for the roving violinist.

And over at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Volunteer Navigators will be handing out 2,000 red carnations on Valentine’s Day starting at 10 am.

For those who need a last-minute Valentine’s Day gift, Lily Palmer Flowers and Gifts, located in PHL’s B/C Connector, will have two pop-up shops selling flowers and goodies. One shop will be near the Terminal B exit and another at the top of Terminal E.

And, as we shared earlier, there will be a temporary Marriage License Bureau set up at Harry Reid International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas.

The Stuck at the Airport romance team is gathering up Valentine’s Day activities planned for other airports, so stay tuned.

Dublin Airport’s Christmas shutdown

Dublin Airport (DUB) takes the Christmas holiday seriously.

The Stuck at the Airport holiday team thought it was cute when we saw the notice that the Dublin Airport was going to shut down on Christmas Eve to make sure the skies were clear for Santa.

But we didn’t think that was for real.

Turns out it was. Not only does Dublin Airport shut down flight operations on Christmas Eve to make sure the air space is fully clear for the arrival of Santa, but the airport holds an annual ceremony to bless the planes on Christmas Day. And Dublin Airport has been holding a plane blessing ceremony each Christmas Day since 1947.