Pride Month

Airports celebrate Pride Month

We’re gathering up some of the colorful and inclusive posts from airports nationwide in support of Pride Month.

Let us know if we missed yours.

Travel Tips for a New Week

To the relief of many travelers and travel groups, over the weekend the United States lifted the Covid-19 testing requirement for inbound international air travelers.

That means travelers no longer have to find a testing site a day before their flight to the U.S., wait anxiously for results and then, as happened to friends of ours, scramble to find a hotel in an already packed European city and make alternate flight and other arrangements if they get a positive test result.

Experts expect a surge in international travel now.

So look forward to packed flights and higher ticket prices. And consider keeping a mask on during those flights.

Flip sign at TWA Hotel Flips for Pride

If you’re flying out of New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), stop in the lobby of the TWA Hotel, across from JetBlue’s Terminal 5. In addition to a rooftop pool, a roller rink, and “The Connie” – a 1958 Constellation airplane turned cocktail lounge, this month the retro-style flip board in the oh-so-60s lobby is flipping in rainbow colors to celebrate Pride.

Airports, Airlines Celebrating Pride Month

We’re gathering up messages from airports and airlines kicking off Pride Month. Let us know what we’ve missed and we’ll add it throughout the day.

Airports mark National Selfie Day, Pride Month, and a magical painting

Sharing some of the Tweets airports shared on Monday about National Selfie Day, about short films to watch to celebrate Pride Month, and about the return of a magical painting.