Albany Int’l Airport

Albany Int’l Airport: Some Assembly Required

Yet another intriguing exhibition – this one called Some Assembly Required and featuring the work of sixteen artists – is on display through September 8, 2013 in the gallery space at New York’s Albany International Airport.


Gloriana – by China Marks, made of fabric, thread, lace, fusible adhesive

“In this exhibition, the principles of collage are expressed through traditional cut paper techniques, as well as hybrids of photography, film, painting and sculpture. The elements within this work are rarely brought together at random, but determined with great attention to the meaning associated with images and objects, and their ability to evoke new insights and stories.” 

Here are few more images from the show:

ALBANY A Deer And a Raccoon Walk Into a Bar-

By Allen Bryan: A Deer and a Raccoon Walk Into a Bar, Archival digital print, 2012



Kirsten Hassenfeld, Cabin Fever, Paper with mixed media, 2012