New Zealand’s Christchurch Airport lights up

In New Zealand, the appearance of a group of stars named Ngā mata o te ariki Tāwhirimātea (Matariki) in the winter night sky marks the traditional beginning of the Māori new year.

This year those stars are set to appear on July 14 and New Zealand’s Christchurch International Airport (CHC) is marking the beginning of the Māori new year by lighting up the terminal and the Airways New Zealand tower.

More cool amenities at Christchurch Airport

In addition to some great art inside and around the terminal, which travelers can discover on this handy art trail map, Christchurch Airport has outdoor ping pong tables on its plaza and themed jet bridges.

The Stuck at the Airport team hasn’t seen these themed jet bridges in person – yet – but we love the idea.

According to the airport, each themed jet bridge features floor to ceiling imagery of a special southern landscape, accompanied by the scene’s distinctive sounds and scents. Scents!!!

The themes are updated every so often with new sights, sounds and smells. But current themes include the Mackenzie Night Sky, West Coast, Kaikoura, Abel Tasman, Fiordland, a Canterbury sheep farm, Mackenzie country, Christchurch Adventure Park and a Marlborough vineyard.

Some of the other amenities we’re looking forward to exploring at Christchurch Airport include the coloring wall and the complimentary Mini Explorer Activity Books.

We’re also intrigued by ‘Spitfire Square,‘ which is a short walk from the airport terminal and home to a fitness center, a hair salon and a pharmacy.

DEN’s ELF, PHL’s Pottery Bike & More Airport Fun

Some airports around the country are going all out to celebrate the holidays this year and entertain travelers. Here are some of the fun celebrations we’ve spotted.

More to come. Let us know what we missed.

Denver Int’l Airport’s Purple Elf

Pottery Bike Landing at Philadelphia Int’l Airport

If you’re at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) on Friday, December 16, between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm make your way to the spot between Terminals B and C across from the food court.

PHL Airport will be teaming up with The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, for the second visit of Pottery Unplugged–a people-powered pottery bike.

Passengers and employees will be able to try to throw their own clay vessel or just watch and see how it’s done. The twist here is that the pottery wheel is powered by a bicycle.

“At PHL, we always strive to represent what Philly has to offer artistically and culturally,” says Leah Douglas, PHL’s Director of Guest Experience. “Pottery Unplugged certainly accomplishes that through its creative ingenuity.”

Festive Decor at Chicago O’Hare Airport

Christmas Miracle at SEA Airport

The pandemic put the renovations in the Central Terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) years behind schedule. But just in time for the holidays, the airport has finally opened Salty’s – a welcome sit-down restaurant with great airfield views – and a beer & wine garden.

Now if only the reindeer would return to the airport light rail station…

How will airports mark April 1?

We’re looking forward to some fun on April 1 as airports, airlines & others (maybe you?) celebrate April 1.

We got a preview earlier this week from Sacramento International Airport (SMF), which alerted fans of the airport’s iconic giant red rabbit that a makeover might be in the cards.

We love this 2022 wayfinding idea from Edmonton International Airport

And, honestly, we’d buy some of these DEN Candles

Here’s the sales pitch and ‘ordering information’ for a new line of DEN-scented candles.

Who says spring cleaning has to be dull? Spice up your home with scents from DEN’s new candle line that include our favorite airport aromas.

Scents include:

  • Mustang Musk: He’s big, he’s blue and he smells good too! Mustang is one of DEN’s most controversial art pieces and now you can be reminded of his special glow with this amazing candle scent mixed with musk, cedar and sage.
  • Smells Like Vacation: You’ve got your toes in the water, a cold drink in your hand and the sea breeze in your hair. Want to take a relaxing beach vacation, but can’t get away? Enjoy our “Smells Like Vacation” candle that will bring the sea breeze, coconut and pineapple daiquiri scents straight to your home.
  • Jet Fuel: No judgment over here. We know you people like this scent. For people who REALLY love to travel. This is one of our most unique scents in the DEN candle line, but one that will no doubt make you feel like you are at the airport waiting for your next flight. Enjoy a mix of fig tree and sandalwood with a hint of kerosene.
  • DEN Hops and Barley: It’s never too early to enjoy a Colorado local brewed beer. As we like to say, “it’s 8 a.m. somewhere!” Attention beer lovers! This is the candle just for you as you set the mood for your next party or poker night. The scents of citrus, hops and lager will leave you craving your next Colorado-brewed beer at DEN.
  • Clean Linen Tent: Close your eyes and imagine you’re in the DEN terminal looking up. Those crisp white tents must smell like fresh, clean linen. When it’s time to kick back and relax, make sure to look up and take in the view. Our “Clean Linen Tent” candle should remind you of this architectural wonder and smells like clean linen and eucalyptus.
  • Gargoyle Garden: This candle is the perfect mix of the DEN gargoyles’ favorite scents: gardenia, fresh rain and good luck. The three DEN gargoyles – two art pieces and one talking gargoyle perched on Level 5 near baggage claim – watch over DEN passengers and provide them with good luck. Now you can bring that luck home as well as the wonderful smells of spring, gardenia and fresh rain.

Want some? DEN says the scented candles are available for $20 each, with a six-pack of candles available for $50, in a collector’s DEN Tents box. And “coming soon are lotions and hand sanitizers.”

Follow this link to try to buy the candles…..

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Fast news from JetBlue

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O’Hare & Midway Airports going to the birds – and the dogs

(We think…)

And here’s how Leap the rabbit looks in green

DEN also had one of our favorite pranks from 2021

Airports celebrate the Year of the Tiger

Here’s a sampling of Lunar New Year messages for the Year of the Tiger from airports around the world.

If we missed yours, please send it along.

(Up next: Airports mark Black History Month)