Travel Tidbits from SEA, TPA and Changi airports

Happy Friday! Here are some travel tidbits and ‘coming atttractions’ from several airports.

Happy Birthday Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, which is marking its birthday month with a variety of local events. The airport first opened to the public on July 9, 1949,

Courtesy Port of Seattle

Looking forward, travelers will soon be able to drink beer brewed on-site at Tampa International Airport:

And for long-haul travel, Singapore’s Changi Airport has rolled out a new stopover program that includes a (one-way) hotel transfer, a SIM card and an overnight stay at one of 20 participating hotels.  Packages start at S$63 – about $46 US dollars.

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One thought on “Travel Tidbits from SEA, TPA and Changi airports

  1. Sean Helak says:

    Thanks for sharing the cool facts! Happy Birthday Seattle-Tacoma Airport! 🎉🎁, Cheers TPA đŸģI’d love to stop by for a round, and you can never go wrong with Changi! That sounds like a pretty amazing package to be able to spend the day there. Incredible to think how they are generating cash from layovers!

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