Ready to book a space flight?

(This is a slightly different version of a story we prepared for NBC News) A trip to space has rocketed to the top of travel bucket lists for those who

DFW has a Fast Pass & pre-made gates. Plus: Pendleton Round-Up returns.

Cut the TSA line AND get free food at DFW A new amenity that may soon become an airport staple is a program that allows travelers to reserve a time

Travel Tidbits from an airport near you

Newest Minute Suites opens at DTW Airport Minute Suites -which rents short-stay napping and workspaces in airports around the country – has opened a new location in Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Air & Space Museums to visit free on Museum Day

Most museums around the country are open again and waiting for your visit. And while you will still want to wear a mask and keep your distance from other patrons

Museum Monday: Scientific Instruments at SFO

SFO Museum exhibits rare 19th to early 20th-century scientific instruments The newest exhibition from the SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is filled with rare mid-nineteenth century to

Airports, others remember 9/11. Plus: 9/11 Survivor Tree

The 9/11 Memorial at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS): The Place of Remembrance is a large glass cube at BOS. Inside are two glass panels etched with the names of

COVID-Sniffing Dogs at MIA; Food Delivering Robot at SEA

COVID-Sniffing Dogs on Duty at MIA Airport For the next 30-days, COVID-sniffing dogs will be on duty at Miami International Airport (MIA). The detector dogs are specially trained by the

Fines double for flyers who refuse to wear face masks

“Be prepared to pay.” As part of President Biden’s broad COVID-19 action plan, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will double fines for those who are not in compliance with the federal mask

At the Airport: ELP Birthday + 9/11 Memories

Gathering up some news from airports around the country. Happy Birthday El Paso International Airport Airports, organizations remember 9/11

Get you free museum tickets

Between shutdowns, staff layoffs, and budget cuts, the pandemic has been tough on museums and cultural attractions across the United States. But that won’t stop more than 1000 museums, zoos,

No more smoking at Charleston Int’l Airport

There are still a few airports around the country that accommodate smoking inside the terminals. According to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, as of July 1, 2021, four of the

Mask minders at Tampa Int’l Airport

Flying somewhere over the holiday weekend? If so, keep in mind that the federal mask mandate requiring travelers to stay masked up on airplanes and in airports has been extended

Travel Tidbits from Airports Near You

Flooding at EWR Airport Awful flooding images from the Northeast Wednesday evening. This one shows flooding inside Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). More airports getting robots to help deliver meals

Spotted at Charles M Schulz – Sonoma County Airport

This week we spent some time at Charles M. Schulz – Sonoma County Airport (STS), which is named to honor the “Peanuts” comic strip cartoonist who lived in Sonoma County

Delta variant derailing travel plans

(This is a slightly different version of a story we wrote for NBC News) Summer travel was the big bounce-back story for 2021, with Covid-weary American travelers spending $6 billion

Gate passes; jet travel; and art fans

Sharing some of the stories we’ve written recently for our friends over at The Points Guy site: Airport gate pass programs are back Before the pandemic, a handful of airports

Airports have gone to the dogs

Thursday was National Dog Day and airports went all out to celebrate their favorite pooches. First, let’s congratulate Alona, who works at Mccarran International Airport in Las Vegas, who is

Airports (and a museum) remember Charlie Watts

The Rolling Stones’ drummer, Charlie Watts, died on Tuesday and several airports, including Philadelphia International Airport and Dublin Airport – and Seattle’s Museum of Flight – went into their archives

Museum Monday: Aerospace Medicine at Seattle’s Museum of Flight

Smithsonian magazine’s Museum Day returns on September 18, 2021 and on that day more than 1000 museums, science centers, and gardens around the country will be offering free admission to

FAA fines flyers for punching, biting, & being truly unruly

A lot of airline passengers have been misbehaving. Madly. Since January 1, 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has received approximately 3,889 reports of unruly behavior by passengers. That includes

Mask mandate on planes & public transit to be extended

On Tuesday, multiple sources were reporting that federal officials will extend until at least mid-January the requirement that travelers must wear face masks on commercial airplanes, in airports, and on

Airport jokes & other travel tidbits

Monday was National Tell a Joke Day and a few airports around the country shared some funny bits via Twitter. If we missed yours, please let us know and we’ll

Live music & cool tunes returning to airports

Live music and cool recorded playlists have always been on the top of our list of airport amenities we love. And during the pandemic, live music was one of the

Travel jitters. Now due to the delta variant

(This is a slightly different version of a story we wrote for NBC News online) This was supposed to be the summer of “revenge travel,” catch-up trips, and rescheduled family reunions —

A new “World’s Best” Airport

There are many contests, and many ways, to pick “The Best Airport in the World.” One of the most coveted is the Skytrax World Airport Awards. And this year’s awards

Message from a former airport

Here’s a fun thing to do with an old airport. Germany’s Berlin Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” Airport (TXL) Tegal Airport officially closed in November 2020 when operations moved over to Berlin

Airports bow (wow) to National Work Like a Dog Day

AND – THIS WAY TO O’HARE National Work Like a Dog Day isn’t officially about dogs. (It’s about not being afraid to do hard work) But airports – and the

Crazy – and charming – travelers

Travel has been sort of crazy this week. But there is some sign of charming behavior out there. There’s the saga of the drunken, raving passenger on Frontier Airlines who

Museum Monday: Math at the SFO Museum

The SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has kicked off yet another exhibition that might make you miss your next flight. This one is all about mathematics. Mathematics:

Airport Lobster and other great amenities

Airports are still spending lots of time and energy reminding passengers to wear their masks, wash their hands, and observe social distancing protocols. But we are pleased to see that

Fresh art at LAX, RNO, and SFO Airports

Here at Stuck at the Airport, we’re big fans of the art and history exhibits passengers can enjoy while waiting for their planes. And we’re delighted to see that –

Airports celebrate Amelia Earhart’s Birthday

July 24th was Amelia Earhart’s birthday and over the weekend many airports marked the day with some great images and historical tidbits. Here’s a sampling.

Airports, airplanes & Alexander Calder

July 22 was artist Alexander Calder’s birthday, giving us an excuse to share some photos of his work in airports and on airplanes. The photo above is of Calder in

Alarming & heartwarming TSA Tweets

We’re still missing the corny communications TSA’s Blogger Bob Burns once shared with the public, but Lisa Farbstein and the team on duty now are doing a great job of

Travel Tidbits

Here are some of the attractions and news announcements we’re reading about this week. A Masterpiece Moment in a Museum During the pandemic, we discovered Bank of America’s Masterpiece Moment

JFK loo a finalist in America’s Best Restroom contest

The finalists for the 2021 America’s Best Restroom contest. are out and we’re pleased to see a restroom in an airport on the list. That doesn’t happen very often. Which

No cheese curd eating contest, but lots of summer fun

Giant cream puffs will be sold, but there will be no cheese curd eating contest at the Wisconsin State Fair this year. After last year’s cancellations due to Covid restrictions,

Why We Spit on Viking Cruises

What’s the best part of taking a cruise around Iceland right now? The food? The views? The waterfalls? Take your pick. We’re fully vaccinated. But were we worried about traveling

Pittsburgh Int’l Airport goes off the grid

A few years ago, there were some major power outages at airports that wreaked havoc with air travel in those regions. The list of airports affected was not inconsequential. Power

You can go to space too! For free. Or with a donation.

That was pretty darn exciting to see Virgin Galactic take Richard Branson on a trip to space. Want to take that trip too? An estimated 600 people are ahead of

Celebrities welcome you to Miami Int’l Airport

Here’s another sign that the world of travel is moving back towards normal: Miami International Airport (MIA) is bringing back celebrity welcome messages to its public address system. The Voices

Space Travel for us? Looking possible.

What can we say? Space Travel for mortals, well, rich mortals, is now much more of a reality. Thanks, Richard Branson, and your enthusiasm, for kicking it off.

Short films, courtesy the SFO Museum

While travelers are returning to airports, not all amenities are back up and running quite yet. That includes SFO Museum’s Video Arts screening room at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Airplane etiquette. From kids.

We’re all delighted that travel is getting back to some sort of normal. And it is understandable that we’re all a bit rusty about our airplane etiquette. But, already, airlines,

Airports brace for Tropical Storm Elsa

Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to make landfall in Florida on Wednesday. In advance of the storm, Tampa International Airport (TPA) closed on Tuesday afternoon and is reopening Wednesday, early

Free flights to Tennessee? That sounds good.

Travel is back in motion. And now cities, states, and countries are going to all out to get your attention – and your travel dollars. Case in point: Tennessee. Just

Airports celebrate July 4th and the freedom to travel

Like you, airports are celebrating the freedom to travel (again) and also marking July 4th. And we’re gathering up some of the best July 4th messages airports are sharing. Kicking

Ready for July 4th travel adventures?

(This is a slightly different version of a story we wrote for NBC News) Swimsuit packed? How about your patience? If you are heading out of town for the July

Fresh art at Miami Int’l Airport

UFOs have been in the news lately. So we are pleased to see a piece of art featuring a UFO included in a new exhibition at Miami International Airport. Key

This and that from an airport near you

Some people scroll through TikTok dances at the end of the day. We click through the airport and airline news on Twitter. Here are some items we stopped to read