Airport Lobster and other great amenities

Airports are still spending lots of time and energy reminding passengers to wear their masks, wash their hands, and observe social distancing protocols. But we are pleased to see that

Fresh art at LAX, RNO, and SFO Airports

Here at Stuck at the Airport, we’re big fans of the art and history exhibits passengers can enjoy while waiting for their planes. And we’re delighted to see that –

Airports celebrate Amelia Earhart’s Birthday

July 24th was Amelia Earhart’s birthday and over the weekend many airports marked the day with some great images and historical tidbits. Here’s a sampling.

Airports, airplanes & Alexander Calder

July 22 was artist Alexander Calder’s birthday, giving us an excuse to share some photos of his work in airports and on airplanes. The photo above is of Calder in

Alarming & heartwarming TSA Tweets

We’re still missing the corny communications TSA’s Blogger Bob Burns once shared with the public, but Lisa Farbstein and the team on duty now are doing a great job of

Travel Tidbits

Here are some of the attractions and news announcements we’re reading about this week. A Masterpiece Moment in a Museum During the pandemic, we discovered Bank of America’s Masterpiece Moment

JFK loo a finalist in America’s Best Restroom contest

The finalists for the 2021 America’s Best Restroom contest. are out and we’re pleased to see a restroom in an airport on the list. That doesn’t happen very often. Which

No cheese curd eating contest, but lots of summer fun

Giant cream puffs will be sold, but there will be no cheese curd eating contest at the Wisconsin State Fair this year. After last year’s cancellations due to Covid restrictions,

Why We Spit on Viking Cruises

What’s the best part of taking a cruise around Iceland right now? The food? The views? The waterfalls? Take your pick. We’re fully vaccinated. But were we worried about traveling

Pittsburgh Int’l Airport goes off the grid

A few years ago, there were some major power outages at airports that wreaked havoc with air travel in those regions. The list of airports affected was not inconsequential. Power

You can go to space too! For free. Or with a donation.

That was pretty darn exciting to see Virgin Galactic take Richard Branson on a trip to space. Want to take that trip too? An estimated 600 people are ahead of

Celebrities welcome you to Miami Int’l Airport

Here’s another sign that the world of travel is moving back towards normal: Miami International Airport (MIA) is bringing back celebrity welcome messages to its public address system. The Voices

Space Travel for us? Looking possible.

What can we say? Space Travel for mortals, well, rich mortals, is now much more of a reality. Thanks, Richard Branson, and your enthusiasm, for kicking it off.

Short films, courtesy the SFO Museum

While travelers are returning to airports, not all amenities are back up and running quite yet. That includes SFO Museum’s Video Arts screening room at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Airplane etiquette. From kids.

We’re all delighted that travel is getting back to some sort of normal. And it is understandable that we’re all a bit rusty about our airplane etiquette. But, already, airlines,

Airports brace for Tropical Storm Elsa

Tropical Storm Elsa is expected to make landfall in Florida on Wednesday. In advance of the storm, Tampa International Airport (TPA) closed on Tuesday afternoon and is reopening Wednesday, early

Free flights to Tennessee? That sounds good.

Travel is back in motion. And now cities, states, and countries are going to all out to get your attention – and your travel dollars. Case in point: Tennessee. Just

Airports celebrate July 4th and the freedom to travel

Like you, airports are celebrating the freedom to travel (again) and also marking July 4th. And we’re gathering up some of the best July 4th messages airports are sharing. Kicking

Ready for July 4th travel adventures?

(This is a slightly different version of a story we wrote for NBC News) Swimsuit packed? How about your patience? If you are heading out of town for the July

Fresh art at Miami Int’l Airport

UFOs have been in the news lately. So we are pleased to see a piece of art featuring a UFO included in a new exhibition at Miami International Airport. Key

This and that from an airport near you

Some people scroll through TikTok dances at the end of the day. We click through the airport and airline news on Twitter. Here are some items we stopped to read

Airlines offering heat waivers & banning pets from cargo

A heatwave in the Pacific Northwest and some other parts of the country is adding another challenge to air travel as we head into a holiday weekend. As a result,

TSA offering self-defense training to flight crews.

As airline passenger volume ticks up, many passengers are packing something the Transportation Security Administration and airlines would rather they’d leave home: a combative attitude. “Passengers do not arrive at

Oldest wooden tugboat in the U.S.

If we can’t get where we want to go by plane right now, we’ll consider going somewhere by boat. And to get in the mood, we spent some time at

Chocolate at IND Airport; Motivational Mirrors at ELP Airport; Merch at CVG

We can tell travel is inching back to ‘normal’ because airports are hosting fun events and encouraging travelers to stick around and engage. Two great examples: Indianapolis International Airport (IND)

Airports mark National Selfie Day, Pride Month, and a magical painting

Sharing some of the Tweets airports shared on Monday about National Selfie Day, about short films to watch to celebrate Pride Month, and about the return of a magical painting.

First a passenger drought. Now a water drought. Can California airports cope?

(This is a slightly different version of a story we wrote for NBC News online) First airports had to deal with a drought of passengers due to the pandemic. Now

New airport names; new airline planes

Alaska Airlines’ new Pride-inspired plane We are totally loving Alaska Airline’s newly decorated Pride-inspired plane supporting the LGBTQ+ community. It’s the first of its kind in the United States and

Airports Hope for Infrastructure Help

(This is a slightly different version of a story we wrote for NBC News) When low-cost carrier Avelo Airlines launched the first of 11 new routes to small cities and

Celebrating the centenary of Bessie Coleman’s pilot license

On Monday, the National Air and Space Museum, and many others, marked the 100th anniversary of the day Bessie Coleman earned her pilot’s license – and changed history. Click through

Museum Monday highlights from Viking.TV

We’re setting off for Iceland in a few weeks to join Viking for one of their Welcome Back cruises. So we have been poking around the company’s website. One impressive

Another airport lets you reserve your checkpoint time

The uptick in air travel brings with it an uptick in airport security wait times. So airports around the country are getting creative in testing new ways to keep those

Not flying? Try Amtrak’s $299 Rail Pass

It’s like the Eurail Pass, but for the U.S. If you’re not quite ready to get on a plane, perhaps you’re up for an adventure by train. Amtrak’s USA Rail

Yes, Southwest Airlines will check your pool noodle.

The world – and a young woman named Sydney Fowls – now knows that Southwest Airlines stands by its promise to allow passengers to check two bags for free. Even

PDX Airport’s Construction Comic

Here’s a great idea. There’s a lot of construction going on at Portland International Airport (PDX) right now. And lots of detours in the terminal for travelers. So the airport

Giveaways for Southwest Airlines’ 50th Anniversary

June 18 marks 50 years since Southwest Airlines flew its first commercial flight and to celebrate the airline is giving away prizes through June 18 and celebrating all month long.

Ready for International travel? Check the “where” and “when.

[This is a slightly different version of a story we wrote for NBC News] International travel is back on the agenda this summer for millions of Americans who have completed

Snakes, scorpions, and Qantas planes

Like a lot of airlines, Qantas is storing planes in the Mojave Desert while it waits for travel to return to pre-COVID levels. The dry heat and low humidity of

Stuck at The Airport: Tuesday Tidbits

Still not vaccinated? MIA Airport can help A COVID-19 vaccination site at Miami International Airport will be providing free one-dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines to all individuals 18 and

When can you fly to the UK?

Note: I was compensated by Project Screen by Prenetics for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Thinking of traveling internationally? Italy, France, Greece, Croatia, and Iceland are

Roller skating at JFK Airport? Yup, at the TWA Hotel

Air travel is back on, but what about fun activities at airports? That’s back on too. At least at New York’s JFK Airport, where the TWA Hotel adjacent to Terminal

SEA Airport reveals next phase of revamped North Satellite

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport’s 1970s-era North Satellite is undergoing a much needed, multi-year makeover to create a state-of-the-art facility to serve Alaska Airlines flights. Phase One of the project brought us

Vaccinated? You could win free flights for a year.

Sweepstakes prizes include free travel Not wanting to contract, transmit, or die of COVID-19 is a darn good reason to get vaccinated. But some people may need a bit more

Travel Tidbits from airports Here and There

Some tidbits from museums – and musicians – from around the world to get your week started. Flashy Fashion Photos at John Wayne Airport A new exhibit in the Thomas

Touring Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley Food Trail

Vaccinated and mindful of the evolving advice on traveling to places beyond our kitchen, we load up the car and drive from Seattle to Oregon’s Mid-Willamette Valley Food Trail, including

Ready for the summer travel tsunami?

(This is a slightly different version of a story we wrote for NBC News online) Summer travel may cause some headaches Memorial Day weekend and a unusual travel season are

Want to be “the shuttle voice” at Tampa Int’l Airport?

Tampa International Airport (TPA) is hosting a fun contest that also raises funds for a good cause. Traditionally, the recorded voice on the shuttle vans wishing TPA passengers safe travels

What’s up at Portland International Airport?

Our first post-pandemic road trip takes us to Oregon, starting at – where else – Portland International Airport (PDX). The airport is getting a new main terminal and we stopped

Time to hit the road

Overnight car trips. Visits to roadside attractions. Airport hang-out time. It all seems possible now that the weather is getting nice and so many people are vaccinated and honoring all

Passenger volumes picking up. So is satisfaction with airlines

While the U.S. Department of Transportation logged a record high number of complaints from airline passengers in 2020 – predominantly about ticket refunds – satisfaction with airlines now seems to