Chill like Amelia Earhart

It’s been a tough few weeks for a lot of us. And there are more tough weeks on the way. We’re being told to stay home, keep our distance from

Do you miss shopping for souvenirs at airports?

The “stay home” command in response to COVID-19 is keeping us out of airports. Besides the travel, what we’re really missing are all the souvenir-shopping opportunities airports offer. So this

Some things to do while grounded.

Like these guys, no one is traveling anywhere right now. But there are still fun things to do. The Neon Museum in Las Vegas has a colorful app on its

Travel Tidbits from an airport near you

SFO Airport consolidates international flights to a single concourse So many international flights have been temporarily canceled that some airports are closing down parts of concourses and terminals. One example:

Reassurance from a robot at Pittsburgh Int’l Airport

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, airlines are grounding aircraft and cutting flight schedules. And fewer and fewer travelers are passing through airports. But in most cities airports are considered essential

It came in the mail: Beautiful books and a snazzy suitcase

Test-driving a colorful carry-on A week before COVID-19 made staying home the right thing for us to do, we had the chance to test drive the Roam luggage carry-on we

TSA maps its COVID-19 cases

Airports are getting quieter and quieter, but some people are still flying. So Transportation Security Administration officers are among the workers who must still show up for work. Unfortunately, it

Hand sanitizer challenge at KCI Airport

Air travel may be grinding to a halt, but airports are doing their best to keep facilities clean and safe for those who must still get on a plane. That’s

Hotels having COVID-19 troubles

Fallout from COVID-19 is happening so fast that moments before our story about hotel occupancy rates posted on CNBC we had to cut a tidbit about a hotel bar offering

Airports: “We’re open”

Restaurants, shops, bars, schools and offices in many communities are closed. But airports? For now, they’re open. Although activities in and around the terminals are different, with far fewer passengers

Some airports close or cut back seating areas, restaurants, stores

Airline schedule cuts, the drop in travel and orders in some cities and states to close the dine-in area of restaurants and bars means some airports are cutting back the

Grounded. For now

The fallout from the coronavirus got much worse over the weekend. Seattle, Los Angles, New York and other cities ordered restaurants and bars closed and put a ban on how

Reno-Tahoe Airport has cute anti-virus pup protocol

Worried about catching germs at airports? We are too. But airports around the world are going all out to keep travelers and germs apart during this scary coronavirus time. But

Fewer flights, but TSA + airports still fighting germs

Pretty much every airline is spooling out schedule cuts in response to reduced passenger demand, concerns about coronavirus and government-imposed restriction. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Etihad, Norwegian and Singapore

Don’t want to fly? Links to cancel/change policies of U.S. airlines

The coronavirus outbreak is wreaking havoc worldwide with health, business and travel. The health part is head-spinning, as more people are being diagnosed with the virus and the reported death

Airports with award-winning customer service

Considering the current coronavirus concerns, you may not be spending much time hanging out in airports for a while. But when you do venture out, let’s hope it is to,

What now? A new week of coronavirus travel alerts

News related to the spread of coronavirus and its impact on travel seems to be coming faster than we can keep up with it. On Sunday, the U.S. State Department

Tips for staying healthy while flying in the age of coronavirus

Sharing this story I wrote for CNBC with tips for what to do if you’re flying soon. The spread of coronavirus and cutbacks in domestic and international airline schedules continue to raise

Airlines reassure us that planes are clean and germ-free.

All the news about coronavirus is pretty scary for air passengers who worry about getting sick from the germs on a plane. Even before this scare, some travelers used disinfectant

Nellie Bly landing soon at Pittsburgh Int’l Airport

We take a short break from coronavirus coverage and anxiety today to give a cheer for Pittsburgh International Airport, which is celebrating Women’s History Month by putting a statue of

How are airports & the TSA dealing with COVID-19 fears?

All the head-spinning news about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), may have you wondering what to do if, like us, you have plane tickets and travel plans booked for the next few

Coronavirus brings more bad news for travelers.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is bringing with it a lot of fast-breaking, bad news for travelers and the travel industry. Over the weekend, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines announced the

Airlines continue coronavirus response

Alaska Airlines has added a “Peace of Mind’ cancellation and fee waiver policy to help travelers worried about what might happen next with the coronavirus. The peace of mind waiver

Milestone for charming Paine Field in Everett, WA

The passenger terminal at Paine Field (PAE), located 30 miles north of Seattle in Everett, WA, opened just about a year ago. The first fight took off on March 4,

Qantas has a fun new safety video

Qantas Airways is celebrating its 100th anniversary with some classic throwback action. First up is this new in-flight safety video featuring ‘80s mullets, ‘70s moustaches, 1940s flying boats and 1920s propeller

LAX Airport has a ghost kitchen

Would you order food from a kitchen? You probably have. And now you can order a meal from a ghost kitchen at Los Angeles International Airport. Through its LAX Shop

Hotels get creative with concierge services

The hotel concierge has been getting a makeover. Here’s our latest column for CNBC about hotels with staff on duty who will do everything from peeling your crawfish to delivering

Heathrow seeking “Most Instagrammable” title

Airports are a competitive lot. And London’s Heathrow Airport is on a mission to become the world’s most Instagrammable airport. In an effort to grab the title, Heathrow has commissioned

Tampa beyond the airport

We love amenity-filled Tampa International Airport (TPA) and its day-pass program that allows non-ticketed visitors to go out to the gate with friends and family or to be there for

Nintendo’s pop-up airport lounges

Calling all Nintendo fans. Or anyone wanting some entertainment while they’re stuck at the airport. Nintendo has rolled out a cluster of pop-up game lounges at four airports just in

SFO Airport has a new outdoor observation deck

Airport observation decks are a treat – and a rarity – these days. So it’s a big deal when an airport opens a brand new one. Better yet, an outdoor

Valentine’s Day at airports

Ready for Valentine’s Day? If you’re flying somewhere on Valentine’s Day, we hope it’s on a flight that wings you to your sweetheart. If not, take heart from some of

Help upgrade the food at O’Hare International Airport

Have you ever complained about the food at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport (ORD)? If so, here’s your chance to make a difference. The airport is partnering once again with HMSHost

Hate hotel resort fees?

Hotel guests are increasingly finding extra charges on their bills labeled as “resort fees,” “convenience fees,” “urban amenity fees,” or, worse, simply “fees.” But in my story this week for

Airport news from San Diego and Anchorage, Alaska

Monsters at San Diego International Airport The newest group to land a five-month artist residency at San Diego International Airport (SAN) is Beck+Col. The Los Angeles-based duo creates performances that

Listen up at LAX

Airports serve as the front doors to their cities and many do a great job of rolling out the welcome mat for visitors. Some airports do it with art. Some

British Airways testing robot bartenders in two lounges

More airport robots are coming to serve you. A Briggo robotic barista serves up specialty coffee drinks from two automated Coffee Haus spots in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS) and from

Airport Restaurant Week at O’Hare & Midway Airports

The 17-day Chicago Restaurant Week festival is underway in the Windy City and the Chicago Department of Aviation doesn’t want air travelers to miss out. So, through February 9, both

Flying from China? You’ll now be routed through one of these airports. And maybe quarantined.

The World Health Organization is trying to educate the public about the coronavirus and precautions to take to avoid getting it while traveling. Meanwhile, airlines and the Department of Homeland

Miami International Airport Guide

What’s cool, What’s where at MIA Airport Located near downtown Miami on 3,230 acres of land, Miami International Airport (MIA) was founded in 1928 and is now the country’s third-busiest

Denver International Airport’s Puppy Bowl

Before this year’s Super Bowl kickoff, fans of football – and puppies – will be tuning in for Animal Planet’s 16th annual Puppy Bowl. This year’s pre-Super Bowl event takes

Super Bowl-bound? Airports and TSA ready.

Airports and TSA bracing for Super Bowl travelers   Long before the final matchup was set for Super Bowl LIV on February 2 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, South

Extra time in Seattle? Where to go, what to do.

This is an ever-so-slightly version of the Seattle guide for business travelers we put together for CNBC. Starbucks, Amazon, Costco Wholesale, Microsoft and many other major companies call the greater

MSP airport’s newest cocktail bar

Heading to or through Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport soon? Here at Stuck at the Airport, we are all about cool amenities and shops and restaurants that reflect the local community.

While you were sleeping big things were moving at SEA airport

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) is building a new International Arrivals Facility (the IAF) which has a 708-foot-long aerial walkway as one of its features. When in place, the walkway will

Travel Tidbits from airports and airlines

New amenities at CVG Airport Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) will get new nonstop service to Memphis, TN on Allegiant, starting May 22. CVG also boasts some new shops and

Vintage Super Bowl film clips at Miami Airport

On Sunday, February 2, the Super Bowl returns to Miami for the 11th time. And Miami International Airport (MIA) is getting ready to welcome thousands of fans who will be

TSA shares Top Ten Finds of 2019

Airline passengers attempt to take some odd, unusual and definitely prohibited items with them on airplanes. Transportation Security Administration officers see it all. And, as has become its tradition, TSA

How many firearms did TSA find at airport checkpoints in 2019?

It’s a number we anxiously wait for each year. And it’s a number that sadly keeps going up. In its annual Year in Review, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) today