Turkish Airlines’ classy lounge at Istanbul Airport

I haven’t had a chance – yet – to fly on Turkish Airlines or visit Istanbul Atatürk Airport, but this renovated and expanded airport lounge makes me want to plan a trip there now.

Located in the International Departures section of the airport and capable of accommodating more that 2,000 passengers daily, the lounge has private relaxation rooms, showers, a playroom, private infant rooms, a billiard lounge, a library, and a business center.

The lounge is accessible to Turkish Airlines’ business class passengers, Miles&Smiles Elite, Elite Plus card holders and Star Alliance Gold membership card holders.

Checking my wallet for the right card now…

The lounge seems enticing, but keep in mind that Turkish Airlines also offer free tours of Istanbul to anyone with a layover of a least six hours.

Baklava, anyone?

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5 thoughts on “Turkish Airlines’ classy lounge at Istanbul Airport

  1. harriet S. says:

    What are the hours of operation in the First Class/ Business Class lounges at IST? Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Jonas says:

    Well for starters you can’t buy yourself an Elite Plus membership card, or a Star Alliance Gold card for that matter. Those have to be earned by flying a certain number of miles (roughly 50-100K depending on airline) every year on Star Alliance airlines.

    Having that said, there’s also no possibility to buy access e.g a daypass. Airlines are very strict when it comes to accessing their lounges. However there are other lounges at IST airport where you can purchase access for some €20. Although they may not be as nice as the Turkish Airlines lounge, they’re certainly better than wandering 6 hours around an airport terminal.

  3. I’m not up to date on the Turkish Airlines club lounge policies, but I’m confident the airline can help you out on this one. This sounds like the type of situation when buying a day pass for this or another airport lounge would be a good investment. Good luck!

  4. Denise Tabari says:

    I am traveling through Istanbul Airport and wanted to know how I would go about being able to take a shower. Do you have to be a member of a club and if so, how do I become that member. I noticed it said Elite Plus member, is there a way for me to have a shower there any other way at the airport? I have a long travel to Capetown from California and this stop of 6hours in Turkey would be a great time for me to have a shower since I will be there for 6 freaking hours.
    Please let me know if anyone has any knowledge of this.

  5. Orit says:

    I go to Istanbul monthly and am an Elite Plus member. The old lounge was closed due to the renovation and the flight I take always has a 5-6 layover and I really enjoyed their lounge. When it was closed for renovation for the past 3 months they did not let economy passengers eventhough they had elite plus into their other lounge. I was furious to have to hang around the airport for 6 hours, so I took another route for the past two trips through Amsterdam. BUT, this lounge tops them all!

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