Turkish Airlines & Morgan Freeman are back for the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl seems to be as much about the ads as it is about the football game. And for some people, it is all about the ads.

And this year, as in others, there will be a good representation of travel companies vying for eyes during the games.

On the list: Turkish Airlines. For its sixth ad to air during a Super Bowl, Turkish Airlines has once again enlisted actor (and voice of God) Morgan Freeman, who was also featured in the Turkish Airlines’ 2017 campaign.

 This new commercial is online now and set to air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 13, 2022. In it, Freeman tells us about the concept of Pangea and the theory that millions of years ago there was a single and connected supercontinent. The commercial features plenty of enticing airplane interior shots (Freeman does not fly economy) as well as computer-generated animation scenes showing continents and landmasses reconnecting.

Take a look.

If you’re curious about some of the other commercials Turkish Airlines has debuted around Super Bowls, we’ve added a few below.

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