Tucson International Airport

Fresh art at Tucson Airport

Art at Tucson Airport

There are fresh new exhibits to explore in the galleries at Tucson International Airport.

Photographer Patricia Katchur and multi-media sculptor Tim Diggles share the Upper Link Gallery, adjacent to the Frontier Airlines ticket counter, through February 18, 2011.

Patricia Katchur

From Patricia Katchur's 'Upon Awakening' series

Tim Diggles artwork at Tucson Airport

Electonica IV from the Music Machines series 2004, by Tim Diggles

In the Lower Link Gallery, adjacent to bag belt #7, you’ll find Dreamscapes, which includes encaustic paintings by Karon Leigh, ceramic sculpture by Philip Bellomo, and abstract paintings by Mishcka O’Connor. This show continues through February 11, 2011.

Read about the artists and see more of their work on the Tucson International Airport website.

And while you’re at Tucson Airport, be sure to look around for other temporary exhibits and all the great permanent art in the airport, including this great piece by John Davis titled Closet Under the Stairs.


Closet Under the Stairs by John Davis

Tidbits for travelers: fresh art at airports in Tucson and Denver

Next time you’re stuck at the airport don’t just sit there and be irritated.

Look around. It’s a fair bet you’ll find some great artwork just around the corner.

A few fresh examples:

(Terry Bustamante Idolatry)

From now through mid-August you can see work by Terry Bustamante and Jennifer Hill in an exhibit titled Exploring Other Worlds in the Upper Link Gallery at Tucson International Airport (TUS).

(Jennifer Hill: Muchacha con Mascara de Zorro)

In the Tucson airport’s Lower Link Gallery you’ll find a series of paintings  – architectural landscape interpretations – by Judith Kramer.

(Judith A Kramer: Architectural Forms Series#3)

And over at Denver International Airport (DEN) you’ll find Me Rento Para Soñar (I Rent Myself to Dream) and exhibition of paintings, engravings, sculptures, drawings, ceramics and tridimensional pieces by Mexican artist Alvaro Santiago. The work will be on display through Oct. 15 on the Mezzanine Level Gallery in A Concourse.

If you’ve got time to hang out in Denver, keep in mind that throughout July the city is hosting the 2010 Biennial of the Americas.

Two new art exhibits at Tucson International Airport (TUS)

If you happen to be traveling to or through Tucson International Airport (TUS) anytime soon, make sure to build in some extra time to see the art.

Work by more than 40 regional artists is scattered throughout the airport and there are three galleries that display temporary exhibits.

Two new exhibits recently opened.

(Diana Creighton, Manipulate, oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″, 2008)

In the airport’s Center Gallery, Diana Creighton’s whimsical oil paintings from her Animal World Series are on exhibit through March 31.  Many of these paintings feature anthropomorphic animals and humans just going about everyday business.

(Anne Simmons-Myers, Fountain, 17″ x 22″, 2009)

The second new exhibit (on display next to the Security B checkpoint through May 31, 2010) is work by Anne Simmons-Myers.  The landscape photographs of Japan and Sri Lanka are from her series Prior Vision.

An expert in ‘alternative processes,’ the 19th and early 20th century methods of making photographs, Simmons-Myers combines the old with the new by abrading, over painting and burnishing straight digital photographs.

Look here for more information about the current exhibits on display at Tucson International Airport.  And if you see some great art at an airport, let us know so we can tell others.

Tuscon International Airport’s new art brochure

From now through the end of December, 2009, the Center Gallery at Tucson International Airport (TUS) is featuring Lines.Space.Color, enamel paintings and sculpture by Tucson artist Steven Derks.

The exhibit includes two of Derks’ steel sculptures made of items he’s rescued from junkyards and scrap metal bins and Gridspace (below) made of 52 12” by 12” panels.

Tucson International Airport DERKS

There’s plenty of other art around Tucson International Airport:  in addition to several other temporary exhibit spaces, the airport owns more than 40 permanent works by area artists.

To see what’s there – and what’s where – download one of the airport’s brand new art brochures.

Tucson International Airport: new art exhibit is a Mystical Journey

The newest art exhibit at Tucscon International Airport (TUS)  is called Mystical Journey and features the work of three Tucson painters:  Sue Betanzos, Catherine Eyde, and Janet Miller.

Here are some samples, starting with this piece by Sue Betanzos called Canto de Sonora

Tucson Sue_Betanzos_Canto_de_Sonora

This is Catherine Eyde’s After the Rain,

Tucson Cathrine_Eyde_After_the_Rain

And here is Janet Miller’s Trans-Sister Radio

Tucson  Janet_Miller_Trans_Sister_Radio

These works, and others, are on display in the Upper Link Gallery at Tucson International Airport.   Enjoy!