New things to love at LAX

Los Angeles Int’l Airport Solves a Problem

You can now walk between all LAX terminals post-security

One of the (many) irritating things about making a connection at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has been the inability to walk between all the terminals once you are post-security.

Finally, that’s fixed.

With the opening of a post-security connector between Terminal 3 and the Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) ticketed passengers as well as airline and airport employees can now access all LAX terminals once they are past security.

A post-security walk at LAX is about 2 miles from Terminal 1 to Terminal 8, but once you’re post-security you’ll not only be able to more easily make connections between airlines, but you’ll be able to access the shops, restaurants, lounges, artwork, entertainment, and other amenities in all the terminals.

Where will you walk at LAX?

New amenities pop up all the time at LAX.

And some of the newest are at the West Gates of the Tom Bradley International Terminal.

There’s a cool new LEGO store, as well as an InMotion store for electronics, a TMZ newsstand and gift shop and, soon, a See’s Candies store.

New dining venues include the first airport restaurant from celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s brand Chicken Guy! as well as Japanese noodle eatery Santouka, a Burger King, and, soon a Spanish-style tapas restaurant called Navarre.

Interview with The Lego Pilot

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In person, he’s surely taller and more animated.

But in selfies online – on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, – the world’s smallest international airline pilot is pretty darn charming.

Since March, the tiny toy has become the alter-ego of a London-based pilot – a first officer in his mid-20s – who for now won’t share his real name and the name of the airline he works for, but via email was willing to share some details about his real life and the adventures of the Lego figure he’s been photographing at work and play in, so far, more than 20 cities around the world.

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The real pilot told me that about two years ago, he was a given a Lego plane set with a Lego pilot as a joke present from his parents when he got his first commercial airline pilot job. “The pilot was to be like a lucky charm in my flight case,” he said.

That original Lego pilot got lost, but once the Lego Pilot photography project was hatched, the real pilot purchased a new figure.

“I guess he does resemble me. A happy coincidence when building the Lego mini-figure in the Lego Store,” he said.

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Finding locations for the Lego Pilot to have his picture taken hasn’t been a problem, but there have been strange looks and some challenges in setting up scenes, “especially outside, the wind tends to knock him over,” said the pilot. “Also I do get worried about losing him.”

headset radio

The pilot said he hasn’t heard from the Lego company’s lawyers yet, but he has posted a disclaimer on his site alerting fans that the project is not an official Lego project. He’s also being very careful about not revealing his identity to honor his company’s rules about social media.

“If the airline doesn’t like [the project] I could face disciplinary action and that would bring an end to the Lego Pilot,” he said. “I have worked very hard to get where I am and I do not want to lose my job. But at the same time, this project is fun and my new hobby gives the world a little bit of an insight into a pilot’s life.”

lego pilot HQ

(All photos courtesy of the Lego Pilot)

Souvenir Sunday at Copenhagen International Airport

Each Sunday at is Souvenir Sunday – a day to take a look at some of the inexpensive and offbeat things you might find yourself buying – or thinking of buying – when you’re hanging around the airport.

This week’s treats come from Copenhagen International Airport, which began offering free Wi-Fi to travelers the first week in December (yay!) and where I found almost too many tempting and offbeat things to buy.

Here’s just a sampling:

In addition to jars of herring and what seemed liked a dozen varieties of black licorice, the gourmet food store at the airport sells packages of Danish-style hollowed-out-in-the-center hot dog rolls.

Viking statuettes are quite popular –

But, of course, so is candy. And in amongst the choices in the duty free shop was this Haribo offering of candy larvae.

Even though the package says “Kids and grown-ups love it so,” I left the larvae behind and instead chose to bring home this Lego airplane.