Souvenir Sunday at Copenhagen International Airport

Each Sunday at is Souvenir Sunday – a day to take a look at some of the inexpensive and offbeat things you might find yourself buying – or thinking of buying – when you’re hanging around the airport.

This week’s treats come from Copenhagen International Airport, which began offering free Wi-Fi to travelers the first week in December (yay!) and where I found almost too many tempting and offbeat things to buy.

Here’s just a sampling:

In addition to jars of herring and what seemed liked a dozen varieties of black licorice, the gourmet food store at the airport sells packages of Danish-style hollowed-out-in-the-center hot dog rolls.

Viking statuettes are quite popular –

But, of course, so is candy. And in amongst the choices in the duty free shop was this Haribo offering of candy larvae.

Even though the package says “Kids and grown-ups love it so,” I left the larvae behind and instead chose to bring home this Lego airplane.

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