Help fund a film about airline food

Singapore food testing

If you’ve ever been curious about the food offered to passengers on planes, you may be interested in throwing in a few bucks to help out the folks over at inflightfeed, who not only love eating and reviewing airplane food, they’re got a Kickstarter campaign going to fund a film on the topic.

Their goal: $74,049.

So far, just over $2000 has been raised. But they’re early in the process and, well, who wouldn’t want to see what inflightfeed founder Nikos Loukas describe as “a very cool airline food documentary around the globe about Qantas, Air France, Turkish, Cathay, Air Baltic plus quite a few more airlines.”

The project sounds tasty: “We will have wine tastings, food tastings, and first class cabin mock up experiences,” said Loukas.

As Kickstarter projects go, there’s a long list of perks being offered for folks who pledge at various levels, including the opportunity to be a taste tester on the set.


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