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Area 51 items at the Museum of Flight – maybe

Area 51 warning sign

Area 51 Warning Sign –

Seattle’s Museum of Flight, which brought us an exhibit of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane just about this time last year, has cooked up another special exhibit set to open on April 1.

Due to the heavily redacted press release, it’s difficult to tell exactly what will be on display, but it appears that some never-before-seen items relating to Area 51 just might be on view.

Or not.

Museum of Flight Area 51

Photos of Wonder Woman’s Invisible Airplane

There were plenty of aviation-related pranks pulled earlier this week for April Fools’ Day, but by far the best one was this press release sent out by Seattle’s Museum of Flight announcing a three day exhibit featuring Wonder Woman’s invisible plane.

Wonder Woman plane

Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane makes a low pass over Edwards Air Force Base, California, circa 1946. Courtesy: The Museum of Flight

The description of the plane was intriguing:

Developed using still-mysterious Amazon stealth technology decades before other aerospace companies envisioned such a future, the unique aircraft features a robot-controlled pilot, a locascope, and an electronic mist beam. Wonder Woman was able to control the plane telepathically and via devices in her tiara.”

I laughed it off as a great joke and a really well-written fake press release and tweeted the news with a “tee-hee” note attached.

But it turns out the museum really did have a temporary exhibit all about Wonder Woman’s invisible airplane, complete with a docent tour, exhibit panels, photos, a 360-degree cockpit tour and a webpage filled with additional information.

For those who missed it, here are some photos showing the plane on exhibit and the informational panels.

Thanks, Museum of Flight, for showing the plane and sharing these images.



A photo of the exhibit at Seattle’s Museum of Flight featuring Wonder Woman’s Invisible plane.