Virgin American

Cyber Monday flight deals


Don’t put away that credit card just yet. Virgin America (and other airlines) are still rolling out Cyber Monday airfare deals.

Virgin America’s Cyber Monday deal is good for you – and for dogs:

The carrier’s #TinyDogsTinyFares will offer up to 30 percent off fares nationwide. Use code: TINYFARES.

In addition to giving you the discount, Virgin America is also donating $10 per ticket booked on during the sale to San Francisco Animal Care and Control (SF ACC), the ASPCA and Animal Haven.

On Cyber Monday, Virgin America is also making another “Operation Chihuahua” airlift and flying 24 Chihuahuas from San Francisco to New York so they can be adopted. Seems that there’s an overpopulation of Chihuahuas in California shelters and lots of people seeking to adopt small dogs on the east coast.

In-flight gifting: would you do it?

Perhaps you remember this video featuring Sir Richard Branson introducing Virgin America’s “Seat to Seat Delivery” service allowing passengers to send a drink, a meal or a snack to another passenger using the seat-back ordering system.

In order to send another Virgin America passenger a gift, you need to be on the same plane.

But not on KLM, which has a “WannaGives” program that allows people on the ground to pre-purchase gifts for passengers who will be flying on a KLM flight.

klm wanna gives

The gift-wrapped present can be purchased for cash or miles and will be hand-delivered by the crew during the flight.

For a bit more cash or miles, the airline will also deliver the gift to someone’s home.

KLM’s suggested list of in-flight gifts is quite varied and includes everything from a small bottle of fancy champagne with a crystal glass to preferred seating, perfume, wallets, jewelry, a kid’s pilot set and this adorable Delftblue singing floating egg timer which plays a different traditional Dutch tune depending on whether the egg is soft-boiled or hard.