unrul passenger

Two unscheduled landings; two different reasons

An Alaska Airlines plane flying from Los Angeles to Seattle with 116 passengers and five crew members on board had to make an emergency landing in Portland, Oregon Thursday night because the pilot lost consciousness.

According to an airline spokesperson, the co-pilot declared an emergency and landed Flight 473 safely.  Medical personnel  met the airplane on the runway and the pilot was taken to the hospital. The plane continued on later to Seattle with a new pilot. (A few more details here.)

The reason for the diversion of a JetBlue flight on Thursday night was a bit different: according to the Denver Post, JetBlue flight 185 from New York’s JFK airport on route to San Diego was diverted to Denver International Airport because of an unruly female passenger. The woman was escorted off the plane and met by police, but as of late Thursday night it was unknown if the woman was arrested.