Newark-Liberty International Airport

Souvenir Sunday: New York souvenirs at Newark Airport

It’s Souvenir Sunday – the day we take a look at some of the fun, inexpensive gifts you can buy when you’re stuck at the airport.

This week, we ponder why the Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)- which is definitely located in New Jersey – has stores stocked with so many souvenirs that promote New York City.

I love New York magnets at EWR

NY souvenirs solds at EWR

I’m not complaining.

Last time through, I was also pleased to see that EWR also had a branch of the iconic Oyster Bar & Restaurant from Manhattan’s Grand Central Station.

Oyster Bar at EWR

EWR also has a few other new restaurants to check out on your next layover:

Currito Cantina and Tony Roma’s in Terminal A, Blue Point RA Bar (raw bar) and Champps Americana in Terminal B and Hamachi Sushi in Terminal C.

I love NY T-shirts at EWR

Did you find some great souvenirs last time you were stuck at the airport?

If the price tags are around $10, and the souvenirs are “of” the city or region and, ideally a bit offbeat, please snap a photo and send it along.

Your souvenir may be featured on a future edition of Souvenir Sunday.

Re-launched day spa at Newark Liberty International Airport

When it opened back in 2000, the d_parture spa, at what is now Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), was probably the first day spa at an airport.

A decade has gone by, airport businesses have come and gone, but d_parture spa is still here.  And CEO Gina Stern has re-launched the Newark branch as a total eco-friendly space with eco-friendly products, be-good-to-the-earth practices, and a menu of services that includes massages, manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, and haircuts.

Even if you don’t have time to stop for a spa or salon service, stop by to see the products for sale. d_parture spa is featuring items from a retail program called “The Women’s Pagoda,” which will feature 200 products from more than 20 women-owned small businesses.

You’ll find the renewed d_parture spa at Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C, by gate 92. There’s also a branch at Orlando International Airport (across from the Suncross Bank).

Cleansing the palate after a wild weekend

Between following the fallout from that kiss that forced the shutdown of Newark-Liberty International Airport (EWR), various airport power outages, airplane wheel collapses, and the numerous cases of “unruly passengers” that caused several pilots to turn their planes around and go back to the airport last week, we’ve gotten a real case of whiplash here at Stuck at the Airport headquarters.

So today we’re going to cleanse our palate and look at pictures.

These images come courtesy of Daniel Incandela. He’s a huge airport fan, the Director of New Media at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and – as you can see – a great photographer.

We’ve only met on-line, but I can see from his profile that, on top of everything else he does, he’s a new dad.  So, it’s even more impressive to note that he’s kicking off the New Year by rolling out a new blog.

Daniel says he’s going to feature a regular series of posts profiling people and blogs he’s discovered while out and about in the world and on the Internet.

I believe him because his first post is all about  (I told you he’s an airport fan.)

Good luck, Daniel! Thanks for the kind words. And the great pictures.

Bad day to be flying to or from Newark Liberty International Airport

Just nine days after a failed terrorist attack on a Detroit-bound plane, and on the day that the TSA issues yet another new set of security directives for flights to the United States, comes news of a lock-down in Terminal C at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Sunday evening, January 3, 2010, a man walked into a secure area at the airport, triggering a terminal-wide lockdown, grounding outgoing planes and forcing thousands of passengers to wait hours for re-screening.  The Star Ledger’s article about the incident has a great slide-show showing scenes of how miserable passengers were during the ensuing re-screening process, but this YouTube video shows that there were a few light moments.

Airport security: what’s with people?


According this New York Post article,  last Friday, on the eighth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Port Authority officials at New York’s La Guardia airport arrested a 40-year old man who was catching a Delta flight to Atlanta while packing a fully loaded 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun in his carry-on bag.

Security officials reported that the man said he “simply forgot” the weapon was in his bag.

Scary? Yes. Surprising? Probably not for the folks who work security at those airports. The article includes a description of some of the other stuff snagged at the security checkpoints at New York’s LaGuardia and JFK airports,  and at the Newark Liberty International Airport.

“The tonnage at Newark this year has included 12,302 flammable objects; and 43 travelers were stopped for trying to carry explosives.

At JFK, 1,328 tools were intercepted, and at La Guardia, 9,365 knives and blades were discovered in clothing and in carry-on bags.

Since January, 122 passengers at all three airports were stopped for carrying ammunition and gunpowder as they tried to board planes; 338 passengers were armed with bats, clubs and bludgeons; and travelers carried 1,602 knives and blades longer than three inches.”