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Cleansing the palate after a wild weekend

Between following the fallout from that kiss that forced the shutdown of Newark-Liberty International Airport (EWR), various airport power outages, airplane wheel collapses, and the numerous cases of “unruly passengers” that caused several pilots to turn their planes around and go back to the airport last week, we’ve gotten a real case of whiplash here at Stuck at the Airport headquarters.

So today we’re going to cleanse our palate and look at pictures.

These images come courtesy of Daniel Incandela. He’s a huge airport fan, the Director of New Media at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, and – as you can see – a great photographer.

We’ve only met on-line, but I can see from his profile that, on top of everything else he does, he’s a new dad.  So, it’s even more impressive to note that he’s kicking off the New Year by rolling out a new blog.

Daniel says he’s going to feature a regular series of posts profiling people and blogs he’s discovered while out and about in the world and on the Internet.

I believe him because his first post is all about  (I told you he’s an airport fan.)

Good luck, Daniel! Thanks for the kind words. And the great pictures.