Free foam glider & free outdoor movies at Lincoln Airport (LNK)

This red Arrow Sport, one of only one of six known to still be in existence, was built by the Arrow Aircraft Company, of Havelock, Nebraska and now hangs in the terminal at Lincoln Airport (LNK) in Nebraska.

If you stop by the airport’s customer service desk, they will give you a free red foam glider plane in honor of the Arrow Sport.

LNK is also celebrating Halloween with free movies and a costume contest.

On Thursday, October 14, and Friday, October 15, LNK will be featuring the movie Hocus Pocus at its outdoor movie event. There will also be a Halloween costume contest.

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Airport amenity of the week…

Here at we’re big fans of the Hollywood Theatre at PDX.

The theater is a free 17-seat microcinema at Portland International Airport that offers a quarterly-changing program of locally made short films on a looping reel.

One of the current short films is all about an Oregon Christmas tree farm that harvest trees by helicopter.

This week, the Hollywood Theatre PDX tried something new: it invited a local musician to come by and play a live score to several silent films, including Buster Keaton’s “The General”.

This may be the first time silent films have been scored in an airport. And that’s pretty darn cool.

So we’re declaring this the “Airport Amenity of the Week.”

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Got popcorn? Here are the films you can see at SFO Airport

Here’s hoping you favorite actor or film won an Oscar at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

And here’s to being able to see films not just on airplanes, but in airports.

Portland International and Minneapolis-St. Paul International have post-security spaces where passengers can watch short films and at San Francisco International Airport there’s a pre-security Video Arts screening room in the International Terminal departures lobby.

Presented by the SFO Museum, SFO’s screening room features a rotating exhibition of several short films, with a new film introduced weekly.

In case you aren’t passing through SFO soon, here are the short films being shown now.

In a Heartbeat (excerpt below) just rotated out of the line-up.


Going to the movies at the airport


Courtesy National Archives UK, via Flickr Commons

Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch a movie – even just a short movie or maybe a few cartoons – while you’re hanging around the airport waiting for a flight?

You’ll soon be able to at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

The airport is providing space for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival to hold a preview night at the airport on April 1 and to show their previews during the length of the festival, which runs through April 19.

After that, airport officials say they will close the room until sometime in August, when it will reopen as a permanent space where travelers can relax and watch locally made/produced films that showcase Twin Cities talent.

No word on whether or not popcorn will be included….

At some airports: iPads, balloons and movies

Who says airports aren’t full of entertainment?

iPads for everyone


The company that installed complimentary iPads for passenger use near some gates in Terminals 2 and 3 at JFK and in LaGuardia’s Terminal D, plans to expand the concept to other areas of LaGuardia and to Minneapolis-St. Paul International and Toronto Pearson International airports within the next 12 to 18 months.

The currently installed iPads allow passengers to check email, play games, browse the web and order up a meal or snack from a nearby eatery.

Now, this  GigaOM article  tells us, OTG Management, which operates a variety of dining outlets at nine airports  plans to expand the program considerably, with up to 100,000 iPads installed in airports throughout the U.S.

BNA’s Big Balloon

As part of its 75th anniversary celebration, Nashville International Airport (BNA) will have balloon artists on site on June 17 to build a half-scale balloon model of a DC-3 aircraft, the first plane to land at the airport. The completed sculpture, to be made of environmentally friendly balloons, will stay in the terminal for about a month.

Movie night at SFO

And, Thursday evening, June 21st, will be movie night at the aviation museum inside San Francisco International Airport. On the schedule: The High and the Mighty, starring John Wayne, who plays Dan Roman, “a troubled commercial airline pilot who finds personal redemption when a Honolulu to San Francisco flight turns out to be anything but routine.” Admission to movie night is $10 and includes airport parking and, we hope, complimentary popcorn.