Andy Warhol

Bridge art coming to Pittsburgh Airport

A intriguing piece of public art, Glenn Kaino’s Arch, will soon be on display inside Pittsburgh International Airport, most likely in the Landside Terminal.

The work is a transformer/robot made up of pieces that look like Pittsburgh’s bridges and was originally located in Downtown Pittsburgh’s Cultural District, evidently as a temporary installation celebrating the city’s 250th anniversary. Now the work will be moved inside.

Arches should be happy at PIT airport, which already has a good deal of artwork, including an Andy Warhol Museum exhibit, and – last time I checked – an Alexander Calder mobile titled Pittsburgh, a model of a T Rex that is about 15 feet high and 30 feet long and a shrine to Mister Rogers.

Mr Rogers at PIT

Five reasons to appreciate Pittsburgh International Airport

Chocolate hockey puck from PIT

Despite the van driver’s assurance that we’d get stuck in rush hour traffic, I arrived at Pittsburgh International Airport yesterday with plenty of time to poke around before my flight.

Good thing. Because in addition to the free internet access, there really are plenty of reasons to appreciate spending time at this airport.

Here are just five of them:

The dinosaur

Dinosaur at PIT

The shopping.  Plenty of it – and a shoe store. Enough said

Nine West shore store at PIT

The mobile by Alexander Calder in the center core.  This is a great art treasure to have at the airport.

Alexander Calder mobile at PIT

The shrine to Mr. Rogers, who filmed his long-running running TV show in Pittsburgh.

Mr Rogers shrine at Pittsburgh Airport

And, just across the way, a wall covered in Andy Warhol self-portrait wallpaper, along with several pieces of his artwork.

Andy Warhol Wallpaper at PIT