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Fiji Airways rebrand ready to take off in US

Fiji Airways cupcakes

(Very decadent) cupcakes show off the new Fiji Airways livery

Air Pacific’s makeover continues with the next step of its rebranding as Fiji Airways, the name the airline originally had back in 1951.

Fiji Airways new plane

Fiji Airways had a reception at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday to welcome its newest airplane – an Airbus A330 named – Namuka-I-Lau —which is not only the name of one of Fiji’s 333 islands, but the island where Makereta Matemosi lives.¬†She’s the Fijian artist commissioned to create the design for the airline’s new livery, which originates from traditional Fijian art form known as Masi.

Fijian artist Makereta Matemosi

Fijian artist Makereta Matemosi demonstrating how she makes her Masi designs.

At the event, Matemosi explained the different meanings behind the various motifs in her Masi design for the new Fiji Airways brandmark, which has as its centerpiece the Teteva.

Fiji Airways Brandmark Symbol

The big circle has four crosses at its ‘corners,’ which are meant to signify interconnection and the way the airline connects people to the Fiji Islands. The inner circle reflects the spiritual values of the Fijian people, and the middle, which has sixteen petal shapes, is meant to reflect people working together.

Matemosi said the innermost part of the design – the diamond – represents love.

This new Airbus A330 airplane, one of three the airline is adding to its fleet, will begin flying from Los Angeles to Fiji on July 1, 2013.

Fiji Airways engine

Fiji Airways wing