LGA Airport offers a 4th of July show

If you’re traveling through Terminal B in New York’s LaGuardia Airport (LGA) on July 4, be sure to take a minute (actually 1:32) to take in the July 4th show playing – or should we say ‘performed’ – on the state-of-the-art water feature.

The water feature was introduced by LaGuardia Gateway Partners and the Port of Authority of NY & NJ back in November 2021 and has become a favorite airport amenity.

Using laser projection, lighting, and patriotic music, the LGA water feature will entertain passengers with a special Fourth of July show – complete with fireworks.

Here’s how it looks:

How do they do that?

LGA’s Terminal B water feature creates a water curtain with 4,000 gallons of recirculating water sent through two 25-foot-tall circular rings.

The water falls from more than 450 individually controlled solenoid valves that are programmed to allow water to form different shapes and patterns.

Here are videos of the Iconic New York and the holiday-themed show at LGA:

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