TSA’s Far Out Social Media Accounts

Once again, it looks like someone is having a little too much fun with the Transportation Security Administration’s social media accounts.

The TSA has a handy “What Can I Bring?” tool that is part of the agency’s standing offer to help travelers figure out what they may and may not put in their carry-on bags and in checked luggage.

But not everything is covered. Hence the question: “Can I take my 850-pound THC infused brownie?”

See the TSA’s answers to that question and their advice on a few other travel items below.

And have a great weekend, wherever you are traveling.

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2 thoughts on “TSA’s Far Out Social Media Accounts

  1. Would have loved to see them trying to get the tree back in the tube!!!

  2. Rich McClear says:

    We have flown Christmas trees home from the Family farm in Minnesota to Alaska several times. We packed the tree into a column form used to hold concrete in pouring a building column. TSA did open it to inspect it and had to repack the tree into the column.

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