Fun, free way to get a better airplane seat

Here’s a fun – and free way- to get an upgraded airplane seat:

To draw attention to airline seat comfort (or the lack of it) Vanema, a company that makes lightweight aircraft seats, is giving passengers free seat cushions.

The company recently handed out 2,000 of its Octasupport seat cushions at Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia. In exchange, the company is asking passengers to provide feedback on their priority comfort issues.

“Our goal is to start a discussion about how next generation materials (like Octaspring) can improve passengers’ journeys, while helping airlines achieve their goals of cutting CO2 emissions,” says Venema company chairman Sandi Cesko.

In the next few months, the company plans to hand out these seat cushions at airport in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and, possibly, Austria.

So keep an eye out for the booths and grab a cushion.

It may be the cheapest and fastest way to upgrade your airplane seat. And you can the cushion with you for your next flight.

(Thanks to Emil Atanasov, Guest Services agent on Viking Jarl for helping with Wi-Fi today. )

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