Celebrate International Beer Day – at the airport

You don’t need a holiday to have a reason to order a beer the airport.

Heading out on a trip is usually reason enough.

But International Beer Day – celebrated each year on the first Friday in August – is underway today, so this would be a great day to check out the beers on tap in airport brewpubs across the United States.

There are  way too many to list,  but a few places to check out include Leinenkugel’s Leinie Pub at Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport, which has self-service taps. Cask & Larder at Orlando International Airport, Flying Dog Tap House at Baltimore/Washington International Airport, Goose Island Bar at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, Stone Arch at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and some of the others I list in this column about the history of airport brewpubs I wrote a while back for my ‘At the Airport’ column on USA Today.

There are oodles of others – so please add your faves in the comments section below and I’ll start making a list.

Infographic: Where is America's Craft Beer Capital | Statista You will find more infographics at Statista

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3 thoughts on “Celebrate International Beer Day – at the airport

  1. Gary Dee says:

    P.S.: I was connecting at MSP and had a Big Axe Barrel Edge Stout at the Stone Arch. It was just at closing time but my server, AJ, said that she can push a food order through for me. That was so nice but I had eaten at MKE so just a brew at last call to fill out my delay.

    Also at ORD, there is a Berghoff Cafe in Terminal 1, C concourse, high numbers and this facsimile serves sandwiches that live up to the original downtown (which I have not yet been to) according to those who have (friends who are German language educators). Interesting history, the sandwiches were once a cover for a microbrewery that went underground during Prohibition! I recommend the bratwurst on rye bread, sauerkraut extra, but ask for the cheese on the side (they started offering that recently, I have it as a dessert/chaser) with a Berghoff’s Dark.

  2. The Schlafly Tap Room at St. Louis Lambert Airport is a great spot at the airport to get a taste of local beer.

  3. Gary Dee says:

    I was at MKE a couple of weeks ago (staying in the Chicago North Suburbs so decided to try this experiment, I was able to return my rental car there without additional charge) but missed the Leinie’s Pub … but I was at Usinger’s Deli and had a Spotted Cow Ale from New Glarus Brewery that was amazing. New Glarus is a small town near Madison that was first settled by Swiss-German immigrants.

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