Join me in supporting Passports with Purpose is pleased and honored to join the travel bloggers around the world participating in this year’s Passports with Purpose effort to raise funds for a great cause.

Last year the group raised more than $100,000 to fund 5 water wells in Haiti through

This year the goal is to raise $115,000 to construct three schools and fund three adult literacy programs with buildOn in the Sikasso region of southern Mali, Africa

Contributions to the project are tax-deductible and, better yet, each $10 you kick in gets you an entry in a prize drawing for some incredibly cool and useful items; everything from hotel stays and airline tickets to electronics and travel gear.

Where do all the cool prizes come from?

Each participating travel blogger has a “prize partner” and once again this year my prize partner is, a great on-line site that stocks travel and individual-size items in every category you can think of: food and beverage, household, pharmacy, toys and games, travel and survival. is donating a surprise box filled with at least $100 worth of essential, curious and luxury travel-sized items. And if you don’t like surprises, they’ll also work directly with you to fill up a box with specific items of your choosing. Last year, for example, co-founder Paul Shrater helped the prize winner shop the “aisles” and fill the box with items that would please an entire family.

 There are more than 2500 items on the shelves, but here are few of my favorites:

Among the hand sanitizers in the Personal Care aisle, you’ll find organic options that smell like lavender or peppermint.


In the Travel Accessories aisle, they offer mini-rolls of duct tape.

The Emergency Supplies aisle offers everything from ponchos and shelf-stable foods to light sticks and survival kits.

And in the New Products aisle I found one of my new travel-size favorites: an easy-to-carry plastic egg filled with Silly Putty.

Silly Putty

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