TSA has a museum? Yup, it does.

I’m finishing up a book about museums and the things they can’t or don’t show to the public, so was delighted to learn that the TSA has a museum that’s off limits to the general public because it’s inside TSA headquarters (which is off-limits to the general public) and because the intended audience for the museum is not the public, but the 50,000 or so people who work for that agency.

The TSA Museum at TSA headquarters

TSA and many of its employees give the public many reasons to question and mistrust the work that they do, and I’ve had the opportunity to do plenty of those stories, but this story is simply about a museum that few people know about (including museum program managers at some other government agencies) and the stuff that’s in it.

You can see the full story about the TSA museum in my At the Airport column on USATODAY.com, along with comments from a few people who think I’m a bad person for spending 800 words reporting the fact that there is such a museum and getting details and photos to share about what’s on display inside. 


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