TSA catches man with knife in walker

I suspect the TSA only shares information about some of the ways people try to sneak items through airport security checkpoints. But the stories the TSA does share are getting kind of wild.

Like this one: TSA officers at JFK International Airport found a knife “artfully concealed” on the walker of a man passing through a security checkpoint.

“Walkers don’t pass through checkpoint metal detectors, and instead they are inspected by TSA officers,” the TSA said in a statement. “It was during the inspection process that an alert officer spotted the knife, which was tucked alongside the frame of the walker.”

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One thought on “TSA catches man with knife in walker

  1. Bill Fisher says:

    It’s a butter knife! According to the TSA website, these are allowed as carry on.

    This is what we get for $8 billion a year? Time to replace this agency with something we can afford and that works.

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