Sneak peek at SFO T2 – part 2

Little things add up. And in renovating and rebuilding Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport, they’ve been paying attention to a lot of the little things.


In a open house for the community on April 9th (It’s free, but you’ll need a ticket) and when it opens to the flying public on April 14th, travelers flying in or out of SFO’s Terminal 2 will see live plants, loads of living room style furniture and lots of inviting, outlet-enhanced surfaces for getting work done.

SFO T2 Seating

SFO T2 work tables

There are some nice touches in the restrooms as well.

SFO T2 restroom

Stalls are deep (so there’s room for you and your carry-on in there) and out at the sinks, you’ll find outlets and those fast-working, Dyson hand-drying machines.

SFO Restroom T2

And for those who travel with their own water bottles, SFO T2 provides these easy-to-access refill stations.

SFO T2 Refill station

The sneak preview continues tomorrow….

In the meantime, take a look at the StuckatThe preview of the artwork at SFO’s T2.

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