Museum Monday: Art in SFO’s new Terminal 2

When the remodeled Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport opens to the flying public in mid-April, it will be filled with newly commissioned artwork and refreshed, re-installed art that has been in storage during the terminal renovation.

Some of the artwork was still being put in place when I toured the terminal last week, but here’s a sneak peek at some of the new art in SFO’s T2.

Kendall Buster’s Topograph is made up of twin sculptures suspended above the ticket lobby.

Finishing touches on SFO T2



In the “recompose” area just past the security checkpoint, translucent colored netting draped from the skylights makes up Janet Echelman’s Every Beating Second. The nets will have computer-programmed air flowing through them, making it look as if there are breezes inside the terminal. At night, changing colored lights will make the sculpture look indigo, purple, magenta or red-orange.

Janet Echelman’s Every Beating Second


Two children’s play areas have original art as well.

T2 Kids play area SFO


Giant letters that spell out S-F-O can be climbed on and the interactive Butterfly Wall has loops of butterflies that rise and fall only when visitors man the hand cranks.

And Walter Kitundu has made two wing-shaped benches that double as musical instruments and a wonderful mural made of inlaid wood featuring local birds such as a Red-tailed Hawks, Anna’s Hummingbirds, herons, egrets, Northern Harriers, and Burrowing Owls.



For fans of the changing exhibits offered up by the SFO Museum, there will also be an exhibition space with seating that encourages lingering.  First up: a breathtaking selection of silver and metal work from the collection of Margo Grant Walsh.



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