Souvenir Sunday at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

Anchorage Airport muskox

The last time I flew out of the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport my plane-mates were a crew of rowdy guys heading home after a season of commercial fishing.

They’d started drinking long before the midnight flight departed and kept at it until shortly before we touched down in Seattle.

I’m sure a lot of those guys missed their connecting flights. And I doubt any of them took the time to explore the Anchorage airport (beyond the bar) before they left.

If they had, they’d have seen great Native Art, an exhibit about the Alaskan Flag and a wonderful collection of taxidermy wildlife that includes muskox, polar bears and this record-size Kodiak Brown Bear, killed in 1997.

Ancorage Airport World Record Kodiak Bear

Seattle-based writer Pam Mandel of Nerds Eye View recently spent some time in Alaska (you can see her report and her photos on her blog) and was kind enough to snap a few Souvenir Sunday photos at the airport on her way home.

Each Sunday here at Stuck at the Airport is Souvenir Sunday – the day we take a look at some of the inexpensive, offbeat and “of” the city souvenirs for sale at airports.  Pam spotted this postcard attached to some sourdough bread starter  (under $3) .

And packages of both moose and bear “droppings” for the Stuck at The Airport collection of airport “poop” candy:

Candy from Anchorage Airport: moose and bear droppings.

Thanks, Pam!

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