Snack Saturday: Ice-cream-making-machine at Boston Logan

Our occasional Snack Saturday feature highlights food treats you can find at airports.

This week we take a look at a MooBella ice-cream-making machine at Boston Logan International Airport.

Ice-cream-making machine at Boston Logan

Ice-cream-making machine at Boston Logan Airport

One of two such machines at the airport (there’s one by the United Airlines gates in Terminal C), the make-your-own-ice-cream machine by the Air Tran gates (also in Terminal C) promises customers that their made-to-order cup of ice-cream (about a dozen flavors to choose from), complete with mix-in, will be delivered in about 40 seconds.

Make-your-own ice cream

I tried it out (mocha ice-cream, chocolate-chip mix-ins; decadent, I know…) and of course I wanted to know how the machine did its “magic.”  So Chan Park, manager of Lean & Green Gourmet, came by and opened the machine. He showed me how the flavors get mixed in with an ice-cream base (premium or light), how that mixture gets turned into ice-cream inside the machine, how the mix-ins get mixed in, and how the concoction gets scooped into the cup.

I’m still not sure how it works. But it does.  And while you can get ice-cream scooped the old-fashioned way elsewhere in the airport, having a machine create ice-cream just for you is tasty, entertaining, and fun.

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  1. danny confar says:

    i like the flavor of moo bella icecream is banana and cookies and cream alot

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