Dance your way to Singapore with “Where the Hell is Matt?”

Remember Matt Harding? He became a media sensation after posting YouTube videos of himself doing a goofy dance in spots around the world.

Well, he’s going to be in New York City – at Times Square – on Tuesday on March 30th, from noon – 5 pm, as part of the “Dance Your Way to Singapore Experience” promotion.  People will be invited to “dance badly” with Matt and to have their own dance videos posted directly to YouTube – Your Singapore.

The 20 most-viewed videos will be put up for a vote and the winner will get to go to Singapore and bring along a friend.

And when you go – because of course you’ll win – you’ll get to see one of my favorite airports: Singapore’s Changi Airport, which I profiled in What makes Singapore’s Changi so charming? for USA Today.

Are you game?

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One thought on “Dance your way to Singapore with “Where the Hell is Matt?”

  1. David L says:

    So where didn’t he do his dance?

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