Flying Toaster at Spokane International Airport

There was a little problem at lift off (something broke during installation) but a fun, new sculpture with a 14-foot wingspan, the Aer O Toaster, can now be seen inside the terminal at Spokane International Airport.


Artist Ken Yuhasz says his toaster is based on the classic late ’30’s Sunbeam toaster – the ‘Flying Toaster’ used as a screen saver on countless computer screens during the 1980’s – and is a re-creation at one-half scale of the Gee Bee racing plane from the early 30’s.

Spokane Toaster

“The proportions are exaggerated, almost cartoonish, and I’ve had a keen interest in this strange little plane for quite some time. It’s been my experience during the build and now that it’s installed to have people of a certain age recognize the plane within the toaster, or visa versa.”

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