Tidbits for travelers: Roadside Distractions & Quirky 4th of July

Ready for the weekend?  I sure am.   Especially after working on these two fun articles.

Paul Bunyan

(Statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox, greet travelers in Bemidji, MN.)

From the air, you might be lulled into thinking that every town looks the same. Once you’re down on the ground, take a closer look:  there are plenty of unusual and offbeat roadside distractions that can spice up your trip.

For example, this giant roadside rabbit!

Harvey the rabbit

Years ago someone brought a 26-foot tall, wind-damaged statue of a blue-jacketed Texaco gas station attendant to the fiberglass department of Ed Harvey’s boat shop in Aloha, Oregon.  The repair estimate topped $2,000, so the owner abandoned the statue.  Harvey, a big fan of the 1950 movie, Harvey, starring Jimmy Stewart and a giant imaginary rabbit named Harvey, decided to put a rabbit head on the fiberglass man and post him in front of the store.   Harvey the giant bunny-man was an instant hit.

basket building

Curious about where to find this building shaped like a giant picnic basket or the town that has a  shrine to jackalopes?  See my Roadside Distractions slide show that posted recently on MSN.com .


Of course, the July 4th holiday is all about picnics, parades and fireworks. But for a “Classic and Quirky 4th of July Celebrations” story for MSNBC.com, I found a town that celebrates freedom with worm races and another that starts its holiday parade at a 12:01 AM on the 4th of July.

Clearlake, CA. - Worm Races

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