Airport fans: yes, there are some.

You meet all sorts of kindred souls here on the Internet -and on Twitter!  That’s where I crossed paths with Daniel Incandela who, like me, spends a lot of time in airports, on airplanes, and at museums.

dincandela-walkway1Incandela works at the Indianapolis Museum of Art as the Director of New Media and he pointed me to this wonderful essay on the museum’s blog by Patrick Smith of

Smith’s Jetliner as Art essay includes this great passage:

In the second grade, my two favorite toys both were Boeing 747s. The first was an inflatable replica – similar to one of those novelty balloons you buy at parades – with rubbery wings that drooped in such violation of the real thing that I taped them into position. To a nine year-old the toy seemed enormous, almost like my own personal Macy’s float. Second was a plastic plane about twelve inches long, with rubber wheels. Like the balloon, it was decked out in the livery of Pan Am, and even carried the name and registration of the airline’s flagship jumbo, Clipper America. One side of the fuselage was transparent, made of clear polystyrene through which an entire interior, row-by-row, could be viewed. The blue and red pastels of the tiny chairs is something I can still picture exactly.

(You can read the entire Jetliner as Art essay here.)

Incandela takes a lot photographs of airports and of what he sees outside airplane windows. He’s posted a lot of those images on Flickr and has given me permission to use some of his images here on the Stuck at the Airport blog.  Which I will! THANKS!


(Photos courtesy Daniel Incandela)

Not sure if it’s a fair trade, but I was pleased to be able to point Daniel – and you – to the MOOM, the Museum of On-line Museums, which has some links to some great travel-related museum sites,  including the Stewardess Uniform Collection, Big Things of Canada and the Motel Sign Museum.


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