Free yellow roses at San Antonio Int’l Airport

On Friday, February 13th, just to get folks in the mood for Valentine’s Day, San Antonio International Airport’s volunteer ambassadors will be handing out 4,000 yellow roses to arriving passengers in the baggage claim area.

Passengers will also be serenaded by a mariachi band.

The airport’s partner for this event is the local convention and visitors bureau.


Airport ambassadors handed out yellow roses last year too!

A great tradition.

For Valentine’s Day events at other airports, see my recent “At the Airport” column on Airports Sweeten the Deal for Valentine’s Day.


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One thought on “Free yellow roses at San Antonio Int’l Airport

  1. Thalassa says:

    i know what you mean about the mixed message, i get that, and i could probably write a whole treatise here about how hypocritical it is of our society to approve of barely-clad women in advertisements while disapproving of unclad men or women. still, i frankly wouldn’t want to fly on a plane where i could be exposed to my seatmate’s erotic tastes. i don’t want to know, i don’t want the imagery in my head, and i can’t wear blinders to keep it from creeping up on my peripheral vision. just…no.

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