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Southwest Airlines Nightmare Continues

Early Wednesday morning, was showing almost 2500 Southwest Airlines flights canceled. That leaves thousands of passengers still stuck at airports around the country.

All other domestic airlines now have their schedules back on track since the last weekend’s bad weather. But not Southwest. The airline continues to suffer from staffing problems, software and technology failures, and other challenges.

Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan offered apologies. ( See below). And the airline is offering to cover the costs of hotels, car rentals, and tickets on other airlines in an effort to help out inconvenienced passengers.

If your plans have been ruined, here’s a link to begin filing for that reimbursement. Also be sure to check your credit card for any travel delay benefits it may offer.

The Department of Transportation has vowed to investigate.

But that isn’t really doing much right now to fix the problems and headaches this meltdown has caused. Nor will it make up for ruined holidays and family gatherings, and missed meetings, weddings, funerals, and other important events people were trying to get to.

Not only are Southwest Airlines passengers still stuck at airports all over the country, baggage is pilling up in bag claims. And many people won’t get flights home until after January 1.

Cash in on that middle seat on the plane


Whether or not you end up a middle seat on an airplane this holiday season, or just live in fear of finding yourself there, Stella Artois has a contest for you.

The beer-maker will be granting “upgrades” in the form of gift card vouchers and free Lyft ride codes to frustrated travelers who post a photo and a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram about getting stuck in a middle seat. 

To be entered in the contest, be sure include a photo and include #StellaUpgrade, #Contest and @StellaArtois in your message. (More instructions here).

The contest runs through December 21. Social media posts will be judged during 29 posted entry periods, with prizes to include gift card vouchers worth up to $500 for upgrades on return flights, $500 e-card for adventures on the ground, and codes for free rides on Lyft. 

Judging criteria includes creativity, originality and relevance to the contest theme of  showing the woes of travel.

Let the grimacing begin…