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Airlines offering change fee waivers due to wildfires

Airlines are offering change fee waivers and refunds in response to the California wildfires.

Some airlines are also helping out with emergency relief efforts for those affected by the fires.

See the links and tweets below for specific dates and details of the alerts airlines have posted.


Wildfires seen from space. Courtesy NASA

American Airlines  – The travel alert posted on November 11 offers change fee waivers for passengers booked travel to, through or from Burbank, California (BUR), Los Angeles, California (LAX), Oakland, California (OAK), Sacramento, California (SMF) and San Francisco, California (SFO) through November 13, 2018. Waiver is available for rebooked flights through November 18, 2018.

American will also give you 10 miles for every dollar you donate to the American Red Cross on donations of $25 or more.

Here’s the latest information from Hawaiian Airlines:

JetBlue is offering to waive change/cancel fees and fare differences for customers traveling through Tuesday, November 12, to/from the Burbank (BUR), Los Angeles (LAX), Oakland (OAK), Sacramento (SMF) and San Francisco (SFO).

The wildfire travel advisory for Southwest Airlines currently applies to flights booked through November 16 to, through or from Burbank (BUR), Los Angeles (LAX), Oakland (OAK), Sacramento (SMF), San Francisco (SFO) and San Jose (SJC).

“Customers who are holding reservations on the abovementioned dates, and want to alter their travel plans may rebook in the original class of service or travel standby (within 14 days of their original date of travel between the original city-pairs and in accordance with our accommodation procedures) without paying any additional charge,” Southwest says on its website.

Here’s the most recent information on wildfire waivers from United Airlines:

Airlines are likely to update their policies regarding waivers and refunds as the fires continue.

If you’ve got travel planned to or through California, be sure to check your airline’s website or social media channels for the latest information.

And stay safe!

Airlines offer change fee waivers as Hurricane Michael roars in




Many airlines are offering waivers on change fees for passengers with booked flights to, through or from cities likely to be hit by Hurricane Michael.

Full refunds are available from some carriers as well.


This Weather Channel map should travelers make many travelers sit up and take notice.  Airlines certainly are.

Here’s a link to travel advisories from American Airlines and JetBlue and Tweets from some other airlines that have issued weather alerts.

If you’re getting on a plane soon, check with your airline for cancellations and complimentary changes you might be allowed to (or need to) make as this storm does its thing.

Airlines waive change fees for Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey is on its way to Texas and airlines have issued travel advisories with notices about waived changed fees, refunds and cancellation notices. Here are some of the posted notices. Be sure to check with your airline for updates as cancellations, especially, are bound to increase as the storm makes it way into the region and affects schedules across the system.

Airports may stay open if even all or most flights are cancelled.

Here’s some information on changes/refund policies as of Friday morning

Alaska Airlines:

For travel August 25 to 27 to or from Austin (AUS), San Antonio (SAT) and Houston (IAH), the airline will waive the change and refund fees and the difference in the price of the ticket if new travel is booked and completed on or before September 3, 2017. Tickets must be exchanged or refunded by Aug. 28.

American Airlines  

The advisory affects travel to or from Austin, Texas (AUS), Beaumont / Port Arthur, Texas (BPT), Brownsville, Texas (BRO), College Station, Texas (CLL), Corpus Christi, Texas (CRP), Houston, Texas, (HOU) Houston, Texas (IAH), Lake Charles, Louisiana (LCH), McAllen / Mission, Texas (MFE), and San Antonio, Texas (SAT)  August 25 t0 27.  New travel is allowed through August 30, 2017.

Delta Air Lines 

Delta Air Lines’ travel advisory affects travel to or from Austin, TX (AUS), Houston, TX – Hobby (HOU), Houston, TX – Intercontinental (IAH) and San Antonio, TX (SAT) for flights scheduled August 26-27. Rebooked travel must begin and be rebooked no later than August 29.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines’ advisory covers travel to or from Austin (AUS), San Antonio (SAT), Houstin (IAH) and New Orleans (MSY) through August 27. New travel must take place by September 18; origin and destination cities may be changed.  More detail here.


JetBlue is waiving change and cancellation fees and fare differences for customers traveling Friday August, 25 through Saturday, August 26, 2017  to or from Austin, TX (AUS), Houston, TX (HOU) and New Orleans, LA (MSY).

Southwest Airline

Cities covered by the Southwest Airlines travel advisory include Austin (AUS)Corpus Christi (CRP), Houston (HOU), Harlingen (HRL), and San Antonio (SAT) for travel scheduled August 24 through 28. Customers may rebook or travel standby (within 14 days of their original date of travel) without paying any additional charge.

United Airlines

United Airlines’ travel advisory covers travel to or from Austin, TX (AUS), Brownsville, TX (BRO),College Station, TX (CLL), Corpus Christi, TX (CRP), Harlingen, TX (HRL),Houston, TX (IAH),McAllen, TX (MFE) and San Antonio, TX (SAT). Change and cancellation fee waivers are offered for travel scheduled August 25 to 27.  New travel must take place on or before August 30, 2017.





Round-up of airline travel advisories & fee waivers

SnowglobeUpdated 2:45 EST January 21, 2014

Another winter storm is on its way to the east coast and airlines are canceling flights and posting travel advisories and change fee waivers.

If you’re traveling to, through or from an east coast city, there’s a fair chance your flight will be canceled due to weather. If your flight isn’t canceled (yet…) you want to change your plans anyway.

Here’s a rundown of cancellation and change fee waiver policies posted by many airlines as of Monday evening, January 20, 2014.

And as always, it’s always a good idea to check with your airline before you head to the airport.

Alaska Airlines: East coast travel advisory details here.

American Airlines: Travel advisory in effect for January 21-22. Change fee waivers apply to, from or through a long list of east coast cities. Details here.

Delta Airlines: Travel advisory posted for January 21-22 for tickets that must be reissued before January 25th. Change fee waiver applies to a long list of east coast cities. Details here.

JetBlue: Travel advisory applies to flights scheduled January 21-22. Waivers for cancellations or changes to, through or from a long list of east coast cities. Details here.

Spirit Airlines has a weather buster travel advisory in place. Details here.

United Airlines: United’s travel advisory covers January 21 (for now…) and applies to cities affected by weather in the New York, Chicago and Washington, D.C. areas. Details here.

US Airways:
Travel advisory in effect through January 22, 2014 for a long list of east coast cities. Details here.

Virgin America: Northeast travel advisory covers flights through January 22 for flight to, through or from BOS, EWR, JFK, PHL, IAD and DCA. Details here.

Southwest Airlines  has its travel advisory information posted here.

Updates: travel advisories and airline fee waivers


Here’s the latest list of travel advisories and fee waivers posted by airlines:

American AirlinesInformation updated on January 7 for travel scheduled through January 8 to a long list of cities.

Delta Air Lines – Information updated on Delta’s site on January 6 for Midwest and Northeast weather.

Frontier Air LinesInformation updated on Frontier’s site January 6 with advisories for travel through January 7.

Jet Blue Information updated by Jet Blue on January 7 with advisories for a long list of cities. The airline also has a list of “Operational Update FAQs” on its blog.

Southwest Airlines has travel advisories posted for Chicago Midway through January 7 and for several other cities.

US Airways updated its travel advisories to cover travel to many cities through January 8.

United Airlines now has travel advisories in effect for many cities through January 8 as well.