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Airlines & Airports Brace for Hurricane Ian

Courtesy The Weather Channel

Updated Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Hurricane Ian is causing airports to close and airlines to cancel flights and offer passengers travel waivers.

Orlando International Airport (MCO) plans to stop commercial operations at 10:30 am on Wednesday, September 28, until it is safe to resume flights.

Tampa International Airport (TPA) will suspend operations at 5 pm today.

Other airports in the region are closing operations Tuesday and Wednesday as well. Others are advising travelers to be prepared for canceled flights.

Airlines offering travel waivers due to Hurricane Ian

Many airlines have posted travel advisories and are offering no-fee travel waivers to passengers flying to, from, or through airports in Hurricane Ian’s path.

Alaska Airlines has a Hurricane Ian-related travel alert posted for 5 airports.

American Airlines has issued a travel alert for 20 airports in the western Caribbean and Florida, allowing customers whose travel plans are affected by Hurricane Ian to rebook without change fees.

Delta Airlines has a travel alert for 20 airports.

JetBlue’s travel alert for Hurricane Ian applies to travel through 8 airports.

The travel advisory for Southwest Airlines affects travel to and through a dozen airports.

And the United Airlines travel alert applies to 11 airports.

Of course, all this can change depending on what happens to the hurricane. So if you are traveling in the next few days, be sure to check with your airline to see if flights are operating.

Airlines offer change fee waivers as Hurricane Michael roars in




Many airlines are offering waivers on change fees for passengers with booked flights to, through or from cities likely to be hit by Hurricane Michael.

Full refunds are available from some carriers as well.


This Weather Channel map should travelers make many travelers sit up and take notice.  Airlines certainly are.

Here’s a link to travel advisories from American Airlines and JetBlue and Tweets from some other airlines that have issued weather alerts.

If you’re getting on a plane soon, check with your airline for cancellations and complimentary changes you might be allowed to (or need to) make as this storm does its thing.

Hurricane Florence and others mucking up air travel

Hurricane Florence – and several other hurricanes and tropical storms – are mucking up air travel and causing airlines to issue change fee waivers.

Hurricane Florence

Courtesy National Hurricane Center

Airlines are posting travel alerts and issuing change fee waivers for passengers with flights over the next few days to and from the east coast due to Hurricane Florence and to, from or within Hawaii due to Hurricane Olivia. Hurricane Issac, typhoons and other storms are disrupting travel elsewhere.

As of Monday evening, September 10, here are some of the airlines that have posted notices.

These likely aren’t all the airlines adjusting schedules and suggesting passengers wait until the storms blow over. And it’s very possible that the dates these waivers cover will change as the hurricanes blow through.

If you’re flying somewhere this week be sure to check with you airline before heading to the airport. Read the rules for refunds and pay attention to the dates covered. Most airlines are offering no-fee refunds and waived changed fees for flights that are rebooked for another time.

Alaska Airlines: A travel alert is posted for flights to or from Charleston (CHS) and Raleigh-Durham (DUR) for those with flights September 10 -September 16.

American Airlines has a travel advistory posted covering 23 airports in the southeastern United States for those with tickets for flights September 10 – September 16.

Delta Air Lines has travel alerts posted for a dozen southeast U.S. airports where flights may be affected by Hurricane  Florence and for flights to or from various airports in Hawaii due to Tropical Storm Olivia.

Olivia has also caused Hawaiian Airlines to offer one-time waivers for its flights on September 11 and 12 for flights to or from Hawaii.

The travel advisory for JetBlue affects its flights to and from Charleston (CHS), Charlotte (CLT), Raleigh/Durham (RDU), Richmond, VA (RIC) and Savannah, GA.

Southwest Airlines’ travel alert covers 9 east coast airports its expects to be affected by Hurricane Florence:  BWI, Charleston (CHS), Charlotte (CLT), Greenville-Spartanburg (GSP), Norfolk/Virginia Beach (ORF), Raleigh/Durham (RDU), Richmond (RIC), Washingtin Dulles (IAD) and Washington Reagan National (DCA). The airline is also offering travel waivers for San Juan Puerto Rico (SJU) and Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (SJU) due to Hurricane Isaac.

United Airlines’ travel fee waiver covers 16 airlines in the southeast U.S. due to Hurricane Florence and the Hawaiian airports it flies to and from due to Hurriance Olivia.


Updated list of airline travel alerts


Winter Storm Grayson, packing snow, wind, flood and blizzard conditions, is descending on the east coast of the United States and wreaking havoc with travel plans in the air and on the ground.

Some airports in the south closed on Wednesday and airlines are proactively canceling flights and offering refunds and change fee waivers to passengers in dozens of cities.

Here’s an updated list of links to airline travel alerts and change fee offers:

Alaska Airlines is offering refunds and waiving change fees on flights booked for January 4 and 5 for travel to or from: Boston (BOS), New York JFK and LGA, Newark (EWR), and Philadelphia. There are also restrictions on unaccompanied minors and pets in the cabin and baggage.

American Airlines has a travel alert for travel on January 4 and 5 to or from about 14 cities in the northeast and for January 3 and 4 for about the same number of cities in the southeast.

Della Air Lines has travel alert info posted for the southeast, mid-Atlantic and northeast regions for a long list of cities. Refunds are offered for canceled flight or those delayed 90 minutes or more and change fees are waived.

Frontier Airlines has a travel alert posted for flights through January 4 to or from: New York LaGuardia (LGA), New York Islip, (ISP), Philadelphia, PA (PHL), Trenton, NJ (TTN) and Providence, RI (PVD)

Hawaiian Airlines has issued a travel alert for flights to/from New York JFK for travel scheduled January 4 and 5.

JetBlue’s  travel alert covers more than a dozen cities in the northeast for travel through January 4.

Southwest Airlines has travel alerts posts for two sets of northeast cities for January 4 and 5.

Spirit Airlines has a travel alert covering flight in the southest and the northeast through January 5

The travel alet for United Airlines covers flight in the southeast, mid-atlantic and northeast.

And here is a link to the travel alert and flight cancelation notice posted for Virgin America.

As always, check with your airline as the time of your flight gets closer. And be safe!!


Flying somewhere? Winter Storm Stella may stop you.

Spring flowers are showing off their beauty in many parts of the country, but in the Midwest and Northeast United States there’s a blizzard on its way and that means thousands of canceled flights and big hassles for travelers trying to get from here to there.

Your airline may have already preemptively canceled your flight in advance of Winter Storm Stella – or may be about to.

Or your airline may be encouraging you to cancel your plans yourself – with the help of a change fee waiver – and fly another day.

Here are links to the current winter weather alerts from many airlines. In most cases you can make one change to your travel plans without incurring a change fee.

Alaska Airlines

American Airlines

Delta Air Lines

Frontier Airlines


Southwest Airlines


United Airlines

Virgin America

As always, it’s a good idea to keep checking with your airline for updates and changes as the storm moves through.  Stay safe.