tiny art

Tiny art at Madison’s Dane County Airport

Starting this Friday, April 24th, the charming Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) in Madison, Wisconsin will begin hosting an exhibition about some tiny things, like this fruit fly embryo.


“Tiny: Art From Microscopes at UW-Madison” runs through Dec. 31, 2009 and features about 40 images of  cells, molecules and nanoscale structures generated in the course of research by University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists over the last 10 years.

The magnified images include not only fruit-flies, but mice embryos, butterfly and plant cells, and corn kernels.

In the image of the fruit fly embryo above, gene products have been localised: the hairy protein in seven red stripes, the Kruppel domain in green and two giant domains in blue. (Image courtesy: Jim Langeland, Steve Paddock and Sean Carroll.  University of Wisconsin-Madison, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Department of Molecular Biology.)

If images of tiny things don’t grab you,  check out the full-size Corben Super Ace plane suspended from the airport ceiling.

madison-airport-planeThe Corben was a sport aircraft built in Madison in the 1930’s and this one was built by volunteers from the local chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association using original 1930’s plans.