Dane County Regional Airport

Flight of Lights returns to Dane County Regional Airport

Now that we’re into year two of “how things happen in a pandemic,” we’re coming up on some ‘2nd annual’ events that may stick around even after things return to normal.

The “Flight of Lights” program that Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) in Madison, WI is bringing back for a second year may be one of those keepers.

The free, drive-through light display along International Lane in Madison opens Saturday, March 20, and will run daily each evening from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm through April 4th.

The light-show will feature six different light displays along the route and will include tributes to first responders; the medical community; Wisconsin sports; animals and nature; tropical and nautical; and destinations people can fly to from MSN.

Organized last year at the onset of the state’s Safer at Home order, Flight of Light follows social distancing rules as a drive-through event with only members of the same household in each vehicle.

Here’s what the Flight of Lights event at Dane County Regional Airport looked like last year:

Lights displays are being installed now and MSN airport officials will share snaps from the test run when available.

In the meantime, we’ll put this on the nomination list for “Airport Amenity of the Week.”

Cool Drive-Through Airport Amenity

You can enjoy this airport amenity even if you’re not flying anywhere.

Like the rest of us, the community served by Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) in Madison, Wisconsin could use some distractions during the stress and strains surround the current health crisis.

So the airport decided to move up the planned opening date of a cool attraction it was planning to this week and welcome are residents to come by for the first “Flight of Lights” drive-through, social distancing-friendly light display.

The free attraction is open daily from 7:30 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. through May 10, 2020. And the featured lighted displays honor health care workers and first responders, Wisconsin sports, animals and nature and non-stop destinations served from MSN Airport.

There’s even a UFO thrown in as a bonus.

Here are some snaps from the drive-through, courtesy of the airport.

Travel Tidbits from U.S. airports

Live-streamed concerts, courtesy of San Antonio International Airport

Not many passengers are making their way to and through airports these days.

But that doesn’t mean airports aren’t engaging with their communities.

The San Antonio Airport System, which operates San Antonio International Airport (SAT) is offering the ambitious “SAT Live-Stream Concert Series” of live streaming musical performances by local artists.

The SAT Live Stream Concert Series features both well-known and new San Antonio artists and a wide variety of music styles including Texas Blues, Rock, Jazz, Country, Soul and Acoustic Pop.

The concerts are being streamed during both afternoon and evening spots to target all audiences.

“This is an opportunity to introduce some of the musicians to an entirely new audience. We already have 80 performances on the lineup and we anticipate adding even more,” said Matt Evans, Arts & Culture Manager. 

Check the SAT airport website for concert schedules and links.

San Diego International Airport (SAN) is offering streamed concerts too:

Flight of Lights at Dane County Airport

In Madison, Wisconsin, Dane County Regional Airport (MSN) kicks off its first annual “Flight of Lights” drive-through light display this weekend.  

“Flight of Lights” will feature six different light displays, including tributes to first responders; Wisconsin sports; animals and nature; tropical and nautical; and popular non-stop destinations from the airport.

The drive-through event is free and social-distancing approved for households to visit altogether, with a route right by the airport.

“Flight of Lights” starts Saturday evening April 18th and will run daily from 7:30 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. through May 10, 2020.

We’ll get photos as soon as they turn on the lights.

Sea creatures invade Madison, WI airport

Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin doesn’t offer travelers free WiFi (yet), but it does have a shop selling cheese, chocolate and other products from Wisconsin and a popular branch of Usinger’s Wurst German Bar, serving beer and sausage specialties.

The airport also has an art court in the main lobby that is currently hosting an installation of wire jellyfish, sea anemones and coral reef sculptures that show off the knitting and crocheting handiwork of jewelry artist Arline Fisch.

The work is titled Creatures from the Deep.

Grimms’ Fairy Tales at Dane County Regional Airport

A National Geographic website about Grimms’ Fairy Tales offers these words of advice:

“Looking for a sweet, soothing tale to waft you toward dreamland?  Look somewhere else.”

That’s because the stories Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm collected in the early 1800’s don’t always have happy endings. There are witches. There are wolves. And there are creatures and plot turns kids (and some adults) shouldn’t read about before bedtime.

But if you’re wide awake and passing through the Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin, you’ll definitely want to spend time perusing the books, prints, engravings, and historical documents in the airport’s new exhibition:  Once upon a time … – The Brothers Grimm – Life and Work, on view through June 25, 2010.

And when you’re in the terminal, don’t forget to look up: a full-size Corben Super Ace airplane – like the ones built in Madison in the 1930’s – is suspended from the ceiling. Volunteers from the Madison chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association built this plane using original 1930s plans.