Stockholm Arlanda Airport

Souvenir Sunday at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport

Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport serves more than 16 million passengers a year with 4 terminals and amenities that include a Sky Clinic, a chapel that hosts more than 200 weddings a year and hotels that range from the short stay “Rest and Fly” to the full-service Radisson Blu Sky City Hotel, which looks out over the transportation and marketplace hub between two terminals.

The Jumbo Stay sits on airport property, just off one of the taxi-ways, and is a unique hostel-style hotel built inside a converted 747.

The airport has more than 100 retail and dining venues, and on my recent 24-hour stay at the airport, I found plenty of items to feature on Souvenir Sunday, the day highlights inexpensive, offbeat and “of” the city items you can buy at airports.

The choices included Swedish Herring gift packs and lots of other traditional food items;

and a wide variety of reindeer-inspired items and Lapland souvenirs.

But my choice for this week’s Souvenir Sunday favorites are the inexpensive, brightly-colored sporks and collapsible cups for sale at Terminal 5’s branch of Design Torget .

collapsible cups

If you find a great, inexpensive, “of” the city souvenir next time you’re Stuck at the Airport, please snap a photo and send it along. If your souvenir is featured on Souvenir Sunday, you’ll receive a fun air travel souvenir.

Snooze at Stockholm Airport

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport not only has a fancy new duty-free store with the world’s largest “snusidor,” there’s also a hotel in the middle of the airport, the Radisson SAS Sky City Hotel between Terminals 4 and 5.


Starting around January 15th, travelers will also be able to spend a night at the nearby Jumbo Hostel, a hotel INSIDE a retired Boeing 747 airplane.


Check out the photos and comments about the Jumbo Hostel over at Wired’s Autopia. With Valentine’s Day coming up, keep in mind that Arlanda Airport offers a wide range of wedding and registered partnership ceremonies.

So you can get married and have your honeymoon right at the airport: the hostel’s honeymoon suite is in the airplane’s cockpit and has its own bathroom and a great view of  the airport.


Shop the snusidor at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

There’s a big, new tax and duty free shopping area in Terminal 5 at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport that looks pretty snazzy.


Larger than six tennis courts, the shop carries all the standard upscale offerings, plus a few new items.  Arlanda is the first airport to offer two Swedish-based brands: Make-Up Store and Mackmyra Whiskey, the first Swedish malt whiskey.  Set up as a collection of “worlds,” including the World of Cosmetics, the World of Perfume, and the World of Chocolate, complete with chocolate-making demonstrations, the store also boasts the world’s first “snusidor.”


At first I thought this might be one of those much sought-after napping-nooks. But then they would have named it a “snoozidor.”   No, the “snusidor” is actually a walk-in, refrigerated display area for snus – a traditional Swedish smokeless tobacco that accounts for about 50% of all the tobacco sales at Arlanda airport.

(Photos by Jonas Borg, courtesy Stockholm-Arlanda Airport)

Airport sleepover: 747 plane to become Jumbo Hostel

Move over Yotel. According to this Wired Autopia report by Dave Demerjian, Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport will soon welcome the Jumbo Hostel – a 25-room hotel located inside a decommissioned 747 and parked just outside airport property.

If it’s true, I’m making my reservation now.

(Courtesy: Jumbo Hostel)

According to the Jumbo Hostel Web site, travelers will be able to choose between “sparkling three-bed rooms with shared shower and toilet in the corridor or the luxury suite in the converted cockpit with its panoramic view of the airport.”

(Graphic: Bjerking Arkitekter Ingenjörer)

Folks who don’t want to stay overnight can stop by for an “excursion” on the walkway out on the left wing of the plane. There, they can “explore the vertiginous feeling of standing on top of a jumbo jet’s wing.”