Snooze at Stockholm Airport

Stockholm-Arlanda Airport not only has a fancy new duty-free store with the world’s largest “snusidor,” there’s also a hotel in the middle of the airport, the Radisson SAS Sky City Hotel between Terminals 4 and 5.


Starting around January 15th, travelers will also be able to spend a night at the nearby Jumbo Hostel, a hotel INSIDE a retired Boeing 747 airplane.


Check out the photos and comments about the Jumbo Hostel over at Wired’s Autopia. With Valentine’s Day coming up, keep in mind that Arlanda Airport offers a wide range of wedding and registered partnership ceremonies.

So you can get married and have your honeymoon right at the airport: the hostel’s honeymoon suite is in the airplane’s cockpit and has its own bathroom and a great view of  the airport.


Shop the snusidor at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport

There’s a big, new tax and duty free shopping area in Terminal 5 at Stockholm-Arlanda Airport that looks pretty snazzy.


Larger than six tennis courts, the shop carries all the standard upscale offerings, plus a few new items.  Arlanda is the first airport to offer two Swedish-based brands: Make-Up Store and Mackmyra Whiskey, the first Swedish malt whiskey.  Set up as a collection of “worlds,” including the World of Cosmetics, the World of Perfume, and the World of Chocolate, complete with chocolate-making demonstrations, the store also boasts the world’s first “snusidor.”


At first I thought this might be one of those much sought-after napping-nooks. But then they would have named it a “snoozidor.”   No, the “snusidor” is actually a walk-in, refrigerated display area for snus – a traditional Swedish smokeless tobacco that accounts for about 50% of all the tobacco sales at Arlanda airport.

(Photos by Jonas Borg, courtesy Stockholm-Arlanda Airport)