Giant chocolate tower at Dubai International Airport

Courtesy- Dubai International Airport

Courtesy- Dubai International Airport

No nibbling…

An all-chocolate version of the world’s tallest skyscraper – Burj Khalifa – is on display on Concourse A in Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport.

The tower is just over 44-feet-tall and was created by Master Chocolatier Andrew Farrugia as part of the 43rd UAE National Day celebrations at Dubai Airports in hopes of breaking a Guinness World Record.

More than 9,000 pounds of high quality Belgian chocolate and 1,050 hours of teamwork went into making the tower, which will be on display for two weeks.

Farrugia, who has worked in the pastry and baking field for the past 32 years, is no stranger to giant chocolate sculptures. In November, 2012 he set a Guinness World Record in Brussels, when he built an chocolate steam train 111 feet long.

Greetings from Louisville International Airport

There are plenty of great souvenirs to buy at Kentucky’s Louisville International Airport, and I’ll share more of my finds on Snack Saturday or Souvenir Sunday.

But after a long day of flying I only have time to share this one great find.

It will become part of Stuck at the Airport’s project to document the many ways chocolate ‘poop’ is sold to souvenir-seeking travelers at airports around the world.

Kentucky horse poop

Souvenir Sunday – favorites from 2012

It’s always fun to go poking through the shops when you’re stuck at the airport. For Souvenir Sunday, here are some fun chocolate items we found at airports and air travel-related events this year. More tomorrow….

United Airlines white chocolate

This white chocolate airplane a tempting treat at the International Flight Services Association exhibition, held in Long Beach this year.


Chocolate Bull one

To celebration the Calgary Stampede’s 100th anniversary, Calgary International Airport had this almost life-size, 880-pound, all chocolate bull on display. They planned to shellac it and bring it back next year.


For Valentine’s Day, the Food & Shops at LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B gave out chocolate kisses to travelers.


Giant chocolate bull at Calgary International Airport

The Calgary Stampede is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion Calgary International Airport is all gussied up in its cowboy best, including hay bales, fences, painted windows and an almost life-size, 880-pound, all chocolate bull made by Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut.

The airport hopes to shellac the bull so it can be used again next year. So no tasting allowed.

Fun food news from SAT airport and KLM-Royal Dutch Airlines

Great airport souvenirs usually show up on Stuck at the Airport on Sunday, in the occasional Souvenir Sunday feature, but I make exceptions when it comes to chocolate.


(Photo courtesy San Antonio International Airport)

These jalapeno and red chile-flavored chocolate bars were spotted at San Antonio International Airport, which joins the city in celebrating Fiesta.

In addition to this chocolate, airport spokesperson Rich Johnson says that in honor of the citywide party and cultural event, “There are lots of cool, cultural items in our shops, including piƱatas, clothing, cascarones (egg shells filled with confetti) and other items.”

There’s also a food-related celebration on some KLM airplanes.

From now through June, the sandwiches served on the European routes flown by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will sport festive wrapping paper designed by students from an art and design school in the Netherlands.

Students were asked to come up with designs that were “culinary, surprising, inspirational and energetic,” and, after polling Facebook fans and experts, three winners were chosen.

The designs will be featured through June on packaging in KLM’s “Delicious” economy-class flight product line, which includes snacks, meals, sandwiches and hot towels.

Artwork by Silvie Buenen, Tom van der Pijl and Agnes Loonstra; images courtesy KLM.