Steampunk exhibit at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport


Diana Given, Personal Chronoaetheric Device (PCD Wrist Sleeve), Courtesy PHX Airport

A new exhibit at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) features six display cases filled with steampunk creations that combine science fiction, history and art.


Chris Kurtz & Tim Holt, Gentleman’s Hat with Protective Goggles

On display are about 50 different objects, including “period-looking costumes complete with top hats or bustles, and fanciful gadgets created from random bits and bobs” as well as a navigator outfit for an airship equipped with a windsock, compass and a hand-crafted leather backpack.

Sound intriguing? Steampunk: An Exquisite Adventure is on display through May 10, 2015 on Level 2 of Terminal 3 at PHX Airport.

PHX_Steampunk gallery