Souvenir Sunday: toys from Alaska Airlines & tales from Siena

Happy Souvenir Sunday!

Every Sunday Stuck at the Airport unpacks the carry-on and re-packs for a fresh new adventure. It’s also when we look over the souvenirs we’ve accumulated through the week.

This week, we have this cute little Air Force One that photographer and world traveler Daniel Incandela found for sale at the Indianapolis International Airport.


At a Tweetup (a real-world gathering of folks who follow each other on Twitter) hosted by Alaska Airlines in Seattle, I came away with this great souvenir: a Best-Lock construction toy of an Alaska Airlines airplane.


I’m not sure what my favorite part of this souvenir is. The cute little airplane (that sells on-line for less than $5), the little pilot inside, or the fact that the package has a message about the dangers of plastic bags printed in 36 different languages!


And, because sometimes the best souvenirs are the stories our friends bring home from their trips, I’m including this link to Bob Rini’s Nine Pound Hammer  blog entry about his stop in Siena, “the arch rival of Florence.”

While there he learned the history of Siena through the story of how the 17 contrade (neighborhoods) compete against each other in a wild-sounding bareback horse race, the Palio,  that dates back to 1283.  Those neighborhoods each have their own flags and costumes; a tradition we now think every city should adopt.

sienna-costumes(Courtesy Bob Rini; Nine Pound Hammer)

Have you found a great souvenir while stuck at the airport?

If it is: under $10; not a generic item (i.e. shot glass or mug); and “of” that airport, city or region, then please send a photo and a note about why you chose that souvenir.  It may just show up on a future Souvenir Sunday.