Oakland International Airport

Bonus features on Oakland Int’l Airport website

Poke around on some airport websites and you’ll find some fun, surprising and educational stuff.

Case in point: the Oakland International Airport (OAK) site, which has a link to the Exploratorium’s instructions on how to fold a paper airplane, information about the Oakland Aviation Museum, which sits on the airport’s North Field,

and a great historical video about the history of the airport and its connections to Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and other aviation pioneers.

You can watch the entire 20-minute video, or see bite-size segments of the film on the OAK website.

Stuck at Oakland Int’l Airport? Play golf.

[Update: Seems like the bridge opened Monday after all.  So you can play golf next time you’re stuck at the airport.]

Looks like holiday-weekend repairs on the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge didn’t work out as planned so the bridge will open Wednesday morning instead of Monday.  If the traffic nightmares leave you stuck at Oakland International Airport longer than you planned, keep in mind that there’s a golf course (Metropolitan Golf Links) on airport property.


Links from the airport Web site will get you free rental clubs and a discount on parking.

Free Wi-Fi coming to Oakland Airport next week (not SEA)

At last night’s charter meeting of SCOOT (Seattle Consortium of Online Travel) Seattle folks were jumping with joy when an Alaska Airlines’ rep announced that the airline would be picking up the Wi-Fi tab at Sea-Tac airport for the next few months.

Seems she may have just been swept up in the excitement of the moment, because today Tech Flash is reporting that, no, there will not be free Wi-Fi at SEA  for the next few months.  Instead, Alaska will be sponsoring free Wi-Fi at Oakland International Airport from April 13th through July 5, 2009.


Free Wi-Fi and more at Oakland International Airport

Good news for laptop-toting travelers passing through Oakland International Airport (OAK).

Starting today, (Monday, November 10th) there’s free Wi-Fi Internet service throughout the airport.

The service is provided by FreeFi Networks, the same company that now provides the free Wireless Internet access at Denver International Airport. You’ll need to watch some advertising before you get to use the wireless service, but hey – it’s free.

While you’re at Oakland International Airport (OAK), check out some other cool free and low cost stuff:

The public art inside the airport includes Hung Liu’s Going Away, Coming Home in Terminal 2;

(Jack Fulton, Photographer Courtesy of the Port of Oakland and Oakland International Airport)

Metropolitan Golf Links is located just south of the terminal (here’s a link to a coupon for free rental clubs );

And the Oakland Aviation Museum sits on the airport’s historic North Field. (You can drive over or take the free rental car shuttle.)

Take a seat – or 6,000 – at Oakland Int’l Airport

If you have fond memories of hanging around Oakland International Airport (OAK) and are affiliated with a non-profit in the Bay Area that could use some “gently used” chairs from the 1980’s, get in touch with the folks at the Port of Oakland.

The airport recently completed a $300 million makeover that included the extension and renovation of Terminal 2 and the replacement of more than 6,000 chairs in Terminals 1 and 2.

Some of the old chairs are going to be showing up in the recreation rooms at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oakland – but the rest are up for grabs.

Photo courtesy Oakland International Airport