Miami Int’l Airport

Korean folk art at Miami Int’l Airport


As part of its ongoing program dedicated to showing handcrafted artwork from around the world, Miami International Airport recently opened “Hands of Korea”, a exhibition of tradition-based Korean fiber/textiles in the form of embroidery works, antique and contemporary Bojagi (wrapping cloths), traditional key holders, shoes, pouches, and traditional and contemporary Norigae (knotted ornaments).

Look for the exhibit through November in MIA’s South Terminal Gallery, on the Fourth Floor mezzanine of Concourse J pre-security.



Souvenir Sunday: cash at Miami Int’l Airport

On Sundays Stuck at The Airport takes a look at the souvenirs you can pick up when you’re stuck at the airport. But here’s an example of a “souvenir” one traveler gave to Miami International Airport:




The photo shows a giant version of one of the checks a passenger had to pay Miami International Airport and the Miami -Dade Police Department – for $83,581 and $5,653 respectively – as civil violation fines for making false bomb threats in an airport last October.

According to MIA airport, the threats, which the passenger later said were jokes, shut down parts of MIA for hours, delayed flights and disrupted the travel plans of thousands of passengers.

This is the first time the airport has pursued restitutions for a false threat, but airport officials say it won’t be the last.

And in light of last week’s rash of airline bomb threats – there’s a good chance other airports – and airlines – will be following suit.

Free digital magazine from Miami Int’l Airport

Here’s a nice free perk from Miami International Airport: a lovely e-magazine – in English and Spanish – that offers tips on dining, shipping and entertainment inside the airport and out in the community.

MIA magazine

You can view the digital magazine for free inside the airport on the airport Wi-Fi network ( or from anywhere else you have Wi-Fi access.

The inaugural issue has articles, with great photos, about the impressive art collection and exhibition program at MIA, the national parks and preserves in South Florida, shopping tips for both in and outside of the airport, and stories about local architecture, great places to visit and where to eat regional treats in and outside of the airport as well.


Back to school party at Miami Int’l Airport

Hard to believe, but it’s already “Back to School” time.

And at Miami International Airport that’s an excuse to party.

From Friday through Monday, August 10-13, the airport will be hosting a variety of events that include a DJ spinning music, carnival games, photo opportunities, discounts at many airport shops and restaurants, an appearance by a Mimo the Mime as a nutty professor (nightmare alert…) and complimentary crayon piggy banks for kids.

Here’s the link to the schedule and locations of the events and the page of discount coupons.

Classic art -with tails – at Miami Int’l Airport

If you’re headed to Miami International Airport anytime soon, be sure to take a few moments to enjoy the paintings in the airport Central Terminal Gallery, located post-security in Concourse E.

In an exhibition titled The Masterpieces, Kristen Thiele has taken classical paintings and humorously re-created them with cats and dogs replacing people.

Each piece is painted on the back of a discarded window pane using the 15th century German painting technique known as hinter glas malerei, which translates to: “behind glass painting.” So what we see from left to right was actually painted from right to left in reverse.